The attractions of Lanzarote in November

From the first moment you will love this paradise. Any time is good to know this attractive island, but to Lanzarote in November will be fascinating. In the First Minute Transfer we tell you everything. It is an ideal place to vacation. Escape a few days to rest and live. Continue reading “The attractions of Lanzarote in November”

You should not miss the Wine and festivals route in La Geria

The landscape of Lanzarote is a sample of how people have had to adapt to this volcanic environment. And they have achieved it in such a way that nowadays they have unique products that visitors want to try. From Airport transfers in Lanzarote we present one of these particularities: You should not miss the Wine and festivals tours in La Geria. Continue reading “You should not miss the Wine and festivals route in La Geria”

The museum of houses: Do not miss it on the island of Lanzarote

Traveling to a new tourist destination allows you to see beautiful places. As a website of  Transfers in Lanzarote  we know Lanzarote very well and we will tell you about the houses museum on the island. Keep reading to fall in love with these architectural wonders. Continue reading “The museum of houses: Do not miss it on the island of Lanzarote”

Curiosities and history of Lanzarote Island

Visiting such a place like this it is important to know that apart from natural beauties it has a lot of history and details to tell. As experts in airport transfers in Lanzarote we want you to know about the curiosities, as well as a little history of the Island of Lanzarote. Keep reading and discover more about this spectacular tourist destination. Continue reading “Curiosities and history of Lanzarote Island”

What to see in Lanzarote in a week? Live the experience

Discover what to see in Lanzarote in a week thanks to this post of First Minute Transfer. Lanzarote is one of the most visited destinations of the Canary Islands.  Its volcanic landscapes, its sand beaches, its gastronomy and the good weather throughout the year are its main attractions. Keep reading and start planning your trip. Continue reading “What to see in Lanzarote in a week? Live the experience”

Surfing the best Waves

Lanzarote is often defined as the “Hawaii of Europe” thanks to the incredible quality of surfing on the island. In First Minute we show you information about this because any season is good for surfing and the spots and the vawes are able to satisfy all the surfers, starting  from the beginners to the main experts in this field.

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Lanzarote: pills of history

Lanzarote is known as Tyterogaka, that according to the native language means “one that is all ochre“, indicating the island’s predominant colour. It seems also that the name Lanzarote is strictly related to Lanzarotto  Malocello, a Genoese sailor, who arrived to the island in the early 1300s.  We show you the history…

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