10 tips: Enjoy shopping in Lanzarote.

The magic of Lanzarote mixes nature and good taste. Its beaches are beautiful as its places where to go for a walk too. As experts in Lanzarote Airport  Transfer we know everything about the island and that is why we share with you 10 tips to go shopping in Lanzarote. Here you can find the best shops with the best brands and excellent prices. We should mention also its crafts, which includes volcanic stones. Continue reading “10 tips: Enjoy shopping in Lanzarote.”

Curiosities and history of Lanzarote Island

Visiting such a place like this it is important to know that apart from natural beauties it has a lot of history and details to tell. As experts in airport transfers in Lanzarote we want you to know about the curiosities, as well as a little history of the Island of Lanzarote. Keep reading and discover more about this spectacular tourist destination. Continue reading “Curiosities and history of Lanzarote Island”


The main tourist areas of the island is where you can also find the nightlife of Lanzarote. Beaches, volcanoes and the excursions through villages and natural attractions are not the unique proposal of this island. Those who like dancing, go for cocktails and tapas and enjoy the atmosphere at night can choose among many alternatives. With these tips from First Minute Transfer  you will discover what you can do and where to go.


What to see in Lanzarote in a week? Live the experience

Discover what to see in Lanzarote in a week thanks to this post of First Minute Transfer. Lanzarote is one of the most visited destinations of the Canary Islands.  Its volcanic landscapes, its sand beaches, its gastronomy and the good weather throughout the year are its main attractions. Keep reading and start planning your trip. Continue reading “What to see in Lanzarote in a week? Live the experience”

Lanzarote Timanfaya National Park … Live the volcanoes!

Timanfaya National Park is also known as The Fire Mountains. It is the main attraction of the island of Lanzarote; we will tell you why and how enjoy your trip. We just anticipate you that it is an experience you will never forget!

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Ironman Lanzarote 2018

The Ironman Lanzarote 2018 reaches its 27th edition, and as  First Minute Transfer we would like to provide you some details about the history of this great event on the island. It always  attracts thousands of athletes and followers as an impressive sport event and for  its incredible hardness. Continue to read the article and discover further info!

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Surfing the best Waves

Lanzarote is often defined as the “Hawaii of Europe” thanks to the incredible quality of surfing on the island. In First Minute we show you information about this because any season is good for surfing and the spots and the vawes are able to satisfy all the surfers, starting  from the beginners to the main experts in this field.

Continue reading “Surfing the best Waves”

Lanzarote: pills of history

Lanzarote is known as Tyterogaka, that according to the native language means “one that is all ochre“, indicating the island’s predominant colour. It seems also that the name Lanzarote is strictly related to Lanzarotto  Malocello, a Genoese sailor, who arrived to the island in the early 1300s.  We show you the history…

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Stay healthy during your trips

Travelling is one of the most beautiful activities that people can experience, but carelessness can ruin the situation. Monitoring the food consumed and practice daily sport activities should be part of your plan. Stay healthy during your travels with these tips offered by First Minute Travel

How to prepare for a trip?

Caring for your health while you are traveling is very important, especially if it’s a international itinerary and you can be exposed to changes related to food and beverages. Also your usual rhytm and your routine can be altered and this can affect your body.

During the holidays you will also be exposed to different environmental conditions and the possibility of being infected by a specific illness typical of that place. For this reason prevention must start even before the beginning of the travel.

Among the main tips to prepare a trip we suggest also to go to a doctor and  complete some checks. You may have some health condition that you still do not know  and that can affect the trip. In case you are aware of a specific illness, ask the doctor for advice on what to do when you arrive and what you can eat.


Inform the doctor about the destination of your trip and find out what vaccines you need. In some cases it’s useful take in consideration some reinforcement. Depending on the destination, they will recommend that you immunize against one or another disease. The most frequent are yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, influenza, rabies, tetanus and diphtheria toxoids, poliomielitis. Vacunas necesarias cuando vas a viajar

Prepare a kit that includes insect repellents, antacids, stomach discomfort pills, antiallergics, sunscreen. It’s better to bring with you medications about dizziness, pain and cough. Do not forget to buy a travel insurance because if you go on vacation abroad, probably your regular policy is not valid.


Stay healthy during your travels

You wake up and go to bed at times that are unusual for you, food is different from the ones you eat at home. Most of the times you do not have time enough to prepare a healthy meal. Despite all this, traveling without neglecting health is posible, just follow these recommendations.

1.Hydrate your body

One of the main mistakes is to neglect the amount of liquid to be consumed. Among so many activities it is possible to forget to drink enough water and keep in mind that soft drinks and alcoholic beverages don’t have the same effect.

Bring a bottle of drinking water during your walks. To avoid to buy one each time you go out, fill it with filtered water by the hotel. Of course, do not use  wáter from the tap unless you are sure it is suitable for consumption. There are countries where you cannot drink water directly from the tap under any circumstances, in others it is healthy just if you are in a house, but if you stay  in lodgings where water comes from tanks it is better to avoid.    Do not wait until you get thirsty to drink water, remember that this is a symptom of dehydration.

2.Have a good breakfast before going for a walk

During your excursions in Lanzarote you will need energy to enjoy the trip. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should not skip it. There are accomodations that include it within their promotions, in this case consider it as a way to save some money.  If not, you can go to the supermarket and buy healthy food to prepare during the trip. Consume proteins and foods rich in vitamins and minerals, they will give you strength to continue the walks until lunchtime. Avoid the consumption of flour and sugar.

3.Choose a hotel with sports facilities

Going on vacation does not mean you have to forget about physical activities. When you choose the hotel, choose one that has a gym, pool or courts. This will allow you to practice sport during your  holidays. Try to spend an hour a day  by the gym or swimming. This will even be an opportunity to meet other people. If you do not have this kind of facilities, you can go for a walk to  the park or to the surroundings of the hotel. Another option is to use a jump rope or elastic bands; you can use them in your room and they don’t occupy space in the suitcase.

4.Enjoy, but without getting out of control

Holidays are made to enjoy them. During these days of course you will go out  with your travel mates or with your new friends, but be responsible. Monitor the type and amount of drinks you consume. There are drinks that seem harmless, but their effects can be dangerous if you exceed.

Even a family dinner can be an opportunity to drink too much. Make sure you have an alternative driver and always remember that exaggerated consumption of alcohol will damage your body.

5.Beware of alcohol and wine consumption

Even if you are used to drink at home, keep in mind that from one country to another ones,  the amount of alcohol contained may vary, as well as the ingredients with which they are prepared. Pay attention to the % of alcohol contained in the drinks that you are consuming and if they are lighter do not consider it as an excuse to drink more. Listen to your body  before you have consumed too much.

6.Eat healthy foods

Traveling sometimes becomes a justification for leaving healthy diets aside. However, eating healthy during the holidays should be a priority: these are days in which you need a lot of energy. Avoid fast food restaurants where sugar and fats are the main ingredients. If travel with children, pay attention to what they eat. Getting used to eating in these types of places during the trip can induce indigestion.

Another point to keep in mind is not skip any meal during the day. Always have something prepared to eat. In case of delay with the timings of meal, have a healthy snack with you. Some examples of food that you can eat in the meanwhile are fruit, vegetables and nuts.

rutinas saludables para los viajes

7.Do not buy unpasteurized dairy

Consuming unpasteurized dairy products can cause health problems. Pasteurization destroys harmful bacteria and is safe to consume. During the trip it can be tempting to buy handmade products, even if we are not sure that the milk has been pasteurized. If you can not verify it, it is better to avoid. Eating dairy products that have not been pasteurized can cause vomiting, fever, headaches and abdominal pain. Take the proper precautions

8.Avoid very spicy food

There are countries in which spicy food is very common, but if you’re not used to this kind of recipes, it can hurt you.  Among the consequences that you face in case of abuse of spicy food, we can find: stomach pain, ulcers and heartburn. It does not mean that you are going to be deprived of this type of food. If you want to integrate into the culture what you can do is try a bit, but do not eat more than you can handle.

9.Take some time to meditate

Both whether your trip is about leasure or business, take a moment to meditate. This won’t only help you to reflect and concentrate more, but it will allow you to relax. After the meditation you will feel be more rested  and ready to continue with the rest of the activities.

10.Do not forget to rest

Sometimes in order not to lose even an attraction of the place we visit, we organize many activities and we don’t pay enough attention to rest. But relax is as important as enjoying the trip. That’s why the last  tips about to stay healthy is the following: sleep a lot, although it is difficult to do it while you are away from home but  you should try. When you arrive in a country with a significant jetlag, rest before going for a walk. If you are very tired you won’t enjoy your trip as you wish.When you are planning your next vacation do not forget to follow these tips and stay healthy.

If you need a wellorganized company that offers transfers to and from Lanzarote airport, contact us: we have different options so you can choose the one that best suits to your needs.

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10 tips to travel safe with children

10 tips to travel safe with children

Traveling abroad with children is a rewarding experience, but it requires a lot of planning.  All countries are so different and  you need to take extra measures to take care of the whole family. That’s why, in Lanzarote airport transfer’s blog we want to suggest you 10 tips, in order to  have a safe vacation with children.

Recommendations for planning holidays

Children, although it seems hard to believe, are able to adapt very well to the adults’ rhythm during the travel. They are full of energy and eager to enjoy the planned activities. If they are very small it is necessary to slow a little bit, but surely they will find energy for the next experiences. In fact, traveling is good for the little ones. A recent study says that children who travel with their families achieve higher scores at school; more days of  vacation mean better performance at school. It is not a surprise that during a trip they not only relax and rest from homework but they learn from their own experience. For example, when they go abroad, they get in contact with other cultures and they learn to value and appreciate them. They can also learn about history, art, reinforce their knowledge of mathematics by calculating the change of money and practice another language. A successful vacation begins even before to leave the house. You have to plan the trip properly, making sure that everything is in order. You have to choose a destination of which everyone can enjoy; for this reason  it is not advisable to go to very exotic and far away places. Take in consideration  your children when you choose the destination, ask them for help. Talk to them, tell them where they are going and what they can do in that place. Consider what risks you may  experience and if you need to take extra security measures.

Before leaving home your children should be aware about the risks, how to use an international phone and what to do in case of emergency.

In order to travel  abroad without mishaps, we suggest you to prepare an itinerary. It’s no mandatory to respect always the plan, some activities such as excursions in Lanzarote will have their fixed date and time, but you can make some small changes.

As parents, we must guarantee a safe vacation for children. It’s important to look for information about  the country  and its security conditions and take extra measures if necessary.
In the following paragraphs you will find some recommendations about traveling with children that will allow you to feel  more relaxed during your holidays.


Cuidar a los niños en parques temáticos

1.Be sure to have all the documents required

Make sure you carry with you all the necessary documentation to travel abroad. Keep your passport and ID in a safe place before and during your trip.
Verify if you need further documents to travel, such as a visa, medical insurance or special permission for children. Try to get information by travel agencies or the embassy of the country that you want to visit. For instance in Spain, if a minor is going to travel with people who do not have the same surname like  uncles or grandparents, they must present a notarized authorization.  This authorization must be sent by the parents or the guardian of the child  to one of the corresponding agencies, a court, notary, Civil Guard or police station.

When you have all the documents, make a backup: scan and save them in some software like Cloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also bring some copies with you.

2.Explain dangers that may exist in the country of destination

All family members should know the eventual dangers they may face. Especially children should be instructed to recognize an emergency. Teaching them how to act in a situation of danger can get them out of trouble.Explain to your children how to make calls abroad and how to use international codes. If  you go to a country where a different language is spoken, practice with them the words to ask for help.
Tell them that they should not trust strangers even if they seem to be kind and that they should pay attention and check always where are their relatives.

3.Try to prevent illness risks

There are countries that require certain vaccines to people who enter their territory. Find out what are required for your next destination. In the international centers you can inform you about it. Remember to bring the vaccination card with you.

Children should have all their vaccinations. Bring them to the doctor for a check before traveling and to know if they need reinforcement, aboveall if the child suffers of any condition that must be controlled by a specialist

Among the measures to adopt to travel abroad with children don’t forget to carry a bag with the necessary medications for example antiallergics, dizziness pills, thermometer, mosquito repellents, etc.

4.Pack brightly colored clothes

When you are in a crowded place the risk of a child getting lost or that someone tries to take him away from his family, increase. Strong colored cloths are useful to identify children when they are among many people. Never neglect them, make sure you know where they are at all time.
Establish a meeting point, so that if any member of the family separates, they can go there and wait until the rest of the group arrives.

5.Travel safely by car

If you are going to rent a car when you arrive at your destination, ask the company to provide all the proper equipments for the safety of children. Baby seats vary according to age so provide to the company all the necessary information.

Do you have any special request for your transfer? Contact us and tell us which are your needs


6.Set rules about the distance allowed to the children

When you reach the destination, explain the children how far they can go, or on the contrary, if they should always remain close. There are places like airports or theme parks where it’s important always to stay close to the rest of the family.

There are other places that are less crowded, but where they can experience risks as well: for example in camping areas or natural parks.

When children are near the water in swimming pools, beaches, lakes, etc. do not leave them never alone,especially if they are very small.

7.Always bring with you a picture of your children

It is advisable to have a picture of each of your kids during the trip. In this way, in case one is lost you can show it and it can be useful to recognize him. As an extra tip, take the picture before leaving the hotel or your accomodation so that you can show an updated pic of the child with the clothes he wears.

8.Identify people who can help

Emergencies may occur at any time. When you arrive, identify the security agencies and other families with children, so that if something happens, the children can ask them for help.Let them know also that in any situation of risk they can shout and attract the attention of  people around them.

9.Make sure your kids know the adress of your hotel/accomodation

If something happen for example during a walk and the children are far from the group, it is important that they know where they are allocated. This is one of the first question that people will ask them.
It is not always possible for them to learn the name and the address of the hotel, in this case you can give them a business card or alternative to write the address on their arms.

There are also bracelets with which you can identify your children and you can indicate on it the parents’ name and the phone number.Remember that children can become lost even inside a big hotel, among the facilities; make sure you always know where they are.

10.Bring with you water and essential food

Every time you leave a place, remember to bring with you enough water for everyone, especially if you are in a hot and sunny place. Dehydration is one of the main risks during vacations. You should be careful even during the winter: in this season a lot of people forget to drink enough liquid because of the cold. If you travel with children who still drink bottle, bring the proper quantity to feed him  because in some places it could be difficult to find infants products. Follow these tips to have a safe vacation with children. Prevention is always the best weapon Many problems during a trip occur because the appropriate measures were not taken.Stay tuned to our blog and we will continue to provide recommendations for your next trips!

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