Consejos para disfrutar de la vida nocturna en Lanzarote

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The main tourist areas of the island is where you can also find the nightlife of Lanzarote. Beaches, volcanoes and the excursions through villages and natural attractions are not the unique proposal of this island. Those who like dancing, go for cocktails and tapas and enjoy the atmosphere at night can choose among many alternatives. With these tips from First Minute Transfer  you will discover what you can do and where to go.

¿How is the nightlife in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is an island able to attracts Spanish tourists as  from other corners of the world throughout the year. Discover the Timanfaya National Park, practice surf, walking around volcanoes or black sand beaches are just some of the attractions of the island. The days are full of activities, but what happens after the sunset?

The night on the island is also very active. There are a lot of offers to continue enjoying the night. You can go dancing in the clubs in Lanzarote, go for a cocktail at one of the many bars or just relax with tapas and a family walk.

The athmosphere will depend on the zone. No doubt that the southern area of ​​the island has a more intense nightlife. The activity is concentrated in tourist areas, especially in Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Arrecife but also in Costa Teguise you will find a lot of action.

Locals like to mingle at parties with tourists, so you will have the chance to know them from another perspective. In this corner of the Canary Islands you will find lot of bars, pubs, nightclubs and restaurants.  For sure you will find much to do in Lanzarote, whether you are with your family, alone or with friends.

If you want a relaxed and familiar plan you can get it in Teguise and in general in the north of the island . Parties use to start quite late so  you have time to rest a little bit after your day of tours and excursions.  Some sites work until 3:00 in the morning and others stay open until 5:00 or 6:00 AM.

8 tips to enjoy the nightlife in Lanzarote

If you are planning your trip you will want to know which are the best places to go. If you organize your itinerary in a proper way, you can discover several areas of the island and its nightlife as well.  There are options for all ages and all tastes. Follow these  recommendations so that you can enjoy the nights of the island in all its splendor.


1. Enjoy the view from the terrace

If there is something that this volcanic island has to offer, it is the impressive views. And what better way to enjoy these landscapes from the terrace of a bar, a pub or a nightclub? You can find this kind of place in each town and among the most famous we can mention  the Heineken terrace in Puerto del Carmen.

There are bars and clubs in Arrecife that also have very popular terraces. In the area near Playa ​​El Reducto there are many places where you can enjoy the view of the sea and attend a party.

2. Walk around Avenida de las Playas

Puerto del Carmen is a town where you can find the greatest nightlife on the island. The places to visit are concentrated by Avenida de las Playas. There you will find bars, pubs and discos in Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote. Enjoy the night to visit several of these sites.
The parties on Avenida de las Playas last until the sunrise. You will find different options for all tastes and even a casino where you can verify how lucky you are.

If you are in Puerto del Carmen you will also want to visit Varadero. This area with Avenida de las Playas is where most of the nighttime activities are concentrated. Lanzarote Palace is located here and it is rated as the best disco. There you can enjoy cocktails, trendy music and dancing salsa in Lanzarote if you like tropical rhythms.

discotecas en Puerto del Carmen

3. Spend an elegant and sophisticated night in Puerto Rubicón

For those who visit Playa Blanca, you can not miss Marina Rubicon. This area is more sophisticated and glamorous and you will find very exclusive places.
It is a marina; it is quieter than Puerto del Carmen but you can find concerts and entertainment as well. Good restaurants and sophisticated bars attract a lot of visitors.

And for being a port the view towards the sea from the different places is enviable. Among the most popular sites in the area there is the Café del Mar. The nightlife of the area is not limited to the marina. In the center of the town there are also bars and dance halls.

Among the discos in Playa Blanca you can visit the  Jungle where you can find a young atmosphere, with electronic music, games with fire and much more. We should mention also the Waikiki Bar or the C4 Bar Lounge.

4. Having fun outdoors

If you are looking for something different than clubs and pubs you also have the option of outdoors. Usually the squares serve as a meeting point and there you can enjoy the impressive sunsets offered by the island.
An alternative place with a good environment is Pueblo Marinero square  in Costa Teguise. While you are there , you will probably want to go somewhere for  tapas and drinks.

5. Get in contact with the locals

Once arrived in Lanzarote you will realize that it is easy to get in contac with the residents of the island. They also like to enjoy the nightlife as much as tourists. If you follow the previous tips you will have the opportunity to meet people from the area.

You can find locals also by Pueblo Marinero that we previously mentioned. Also in the surroundings of  Puerto del Carmen  there are a lot of bars that tend to be populated by people of the place.

6. If you are looking for a family atmosphere, go to Costa Teguise 

For those who prefer a family night in Lanzarote there are also interesting alternatives.  Arrecife and Costa Teguise are quite zones. In the area of ​​Playa de las Cucharas there are bars and pubs where you can listen to good music. You can also take a walk through the square where tourists and locals meet. But, if you want to go for a drink then go to Avenida Islas Canarias and Avenida Jablillo. That’s where most of the nightlife in Coste Teguise is concentrated.

7. Visit several bars in one night

In Arrecife it is easy to walk through the town, so it will be also very easy to visit several places in the same night. In general, in all the towns of the island you can go through several bars in a few hours. So you can enjoy the best of each one , spend some time in a place and continue the party in another. If you still have energy, you can finish the night in  one of the nightclubs that remain opened during the early hours to dance for a while. You will enjoy and you will have fun all night. If you leave early you can see the sunset before starting your evening walk.  To take better advantage of the hours  try to inform yourself and plan about the places you want to go and the route. This will make also easier to secure the transfer, in case you need to hire a taxi that takes you from one place to another one, and then back to your accommodation.

8. Go to a party after the market

Among the activities that you can not miss in Lanzarote is the market that take place every Sunday in the historical center of  Teguise, the old capital of the island. There you will find where to buy crafts, eat and drink.

At the sunset  you can go to rest a bit and then continue with the rest of the day. In Teguise you will find many places where you can enjoy live music and it will help you relax a bit after the day’s walk by the market.

On the island there is much to do, both in the day and at night. Follow these tips to enjoy the nightlife in Lanzarote to prepare your trip. If you need a transfers from/to Lanzarote airport or want to know more about the excursions available, contact us.




This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)

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