¿How Canary Islands celebrate in Lanzarote?

Como celebran en Lanzarote el dia de Canarias

On May 30 of each year there is a party that unites all the Canary Islands. As a Lanzarote Airport Transfers company, we will tell you how Lanzarote celebrates the Canary Islands Day. So you can learn a little about the history of this Spanish community and enjoy music, gastronomy, cultural activities and much more.

Origin of the Canary Islands Day

36 years ago on May 30, 1983 the First Parliament of the Canary Islands was established in the city of Santa Cruz Tenerife. This fact was presided over by then President Pedro Guerra Cabreras.

The desire to have an autonomous government came from the Second Republic of Spain. But these attempts to achieve their autonomy were interrupted by the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship.

During these 46 years of transition, what is currently the Canary Islands Statute was drafted, thanks to the creation of the Canary Islands Board.

Subsequently, each of the islands created its own town hall thanks to the capacity granted to them by the Organic Law of Complementary Transfers to the Canary Islands.

Subsequently, each of the islands created its own town hall thanks to the capacity granted to them by the Organic Law of Complementary Transfers to the Canary Islands.

Thanks to the court of the Organic Law of the State of Autonomy of the Canary Islands in August 1982 the autonomy of the archipelago was born. But it is May 30, 1983 when the First Parliament of the Canary Islands is finally constituted, with Pedro Guerra at the head.

Since then every year the Canary Islands Day is commemorated in each of the inhabited islands of the area.

How Canary Islands celebrate in Lanzarote

On the island of Lanzarote, the celebration of the Canary Islands Day lasts 4 days. This is made up of games, native sports, typical gastronomy, fashion, dance and many other activities.

They organize stalls

Between the neighbors of different municipalities they organize stalls where they carry out different activities. There is live music by local bands, they perform plays.

In addition, you can taste exquisite typical food and buy different crafts.

In Teguise it is common to occupy the tent of the Villa for these events. In case it is not free entry, you must withdraw your tickets by the Department of Culture.

The celebration of May 30 is an experience that you can not miss if you are visiting Lanzarote at this time, you can book a tour to visit several cities and enjoy their different activities.

They make presentations and sports games

Sports demonstrations and competitions are held in various cities of the island. These are always accompanied by preparation of rosettes, gofios and music.

In areas such as Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca, Plaza del Varadero and others are carried out this type of sports presentations.

Among the games and sports typical of the Canary Islands is: The game of stick or stick, Canarian wrestling, hand ball and the lifting of stones.

This type of entertainment is ideal if you travel to Lanzarote with children. Since you found them interesting and fun.

Fashion show

This year the designer and professor of idiom Oswaldo Machín made an exhibition of his most recent collection called “Naturaleza Móvil”.

His designs were accompanied by some of the best work of the students of the first course of Modeling of Clothing of the School of Art Pancho Lasso. Which were inspired by César Manrique, a famous architect and artist of Canarian origin.

Although it is the first edition of this parade, it is not surprising that the next celebrations take place again.

Contests of the best Canary table

This contest is typical in the celebrations of the Canary Islands Day. It is a competitive activity where participants must prepare a table with traditional and gastronomic aspects typical of the islands.

It is done in a group and it is a fun experience. It is ideal to enjoy with family or friends.

There are even more activities that you can enjoy, such as concerts, tapas tasting, presentation of children’s bands, reading fairs, workshops and many more.

The Canary Islands Day contest:

Sailing is one of the most popular water sports in the archipelago. Every year the season of Vela Latina is interrupted to celebrate the Canary Islands Day Contest.

This is one of the most popular celebrations of the Canary Islands Day. Although this competition is not carried out in Lanzarote, but in Gran Canaria, it is a typical and very popular activity throughout the archipelago.

It has the participation of 12 boats. Among them is the Minerva boat, one of the oldest in the competition.

Other celebrations

On the other hand, the most important museums such as La Casa de Colon, the Pérez Galdós Museum and others will hold art exhibitions and historical objects related to this important date.

There will also be car shows and parades in various areas of the city.

bailes tipicos


The inhabitants of the island, better known as Los majoreros, perform a great folkloric dance called “Baile de las Taifas“. This is not a dance with certain steps, but a traditional way of making a musical encounter with family and friends.

It is very popular in days of celebration and is held in squares and streets. People usually wear the typical dress of the Canary Islands.


The Parliament of the Canary Islands is located in Tenerife. On this day there will be art exhibitions, crafts sales, workshops.

In addition, multiple theater plays and concerts will be held with free admission to its adjacencies. You can not lose this.


Making a family meal is one of the favorite activities of the Canaries. A sancocho or some simple preparation at home, will be enough to enjoy a quiet day with your loved ones

ou already know how they celebrate the Canary Islands Day in Lanzarote, it’s a nice experience for the whole family. If you wish to move from the Airport in Lanzarote, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer the best transport services.