What sports can be done in Lanzarote Island?

Que deportes se pueden hacer en Lanzarote

You wonder what sports can be done in Lanzarote? If you are a fan of physical activity, especially outdoors, pay attention. In FirstMinute Transfer we have discovered the best practices of tourists and we will share them with you.

Sports activities in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a sports destination par excellence. Some internationally renowned events are held on the island for its tourist attraction and ideal terrains. Well, it has natural and artificial spaces that allow you to practice your favorite sports.

If your wish is to travel to do water sports or adventure in contact with nature, you must travel to Lanzarote. If you want to keep fit and strengthen your physical condition during the holidays, this island also offers you the necessary places for it.

The advantages of outdoor sports are many. Among them the cardiovascular conditioning and stress reduction. Next, we will tell you some options of exercises that you can do in the “island of the volcanoes”.

What sports can be done in Lanzarote?


Surf en Lanzarote

The island has a very pleasant climate that makes it possible to enjoy good waves throughout the year. Its coast, composed of beaches and coves of volcanic origin, give an added value to the practice of surfing. Well, it allows you to enjoy unique landscapes while doing the activity.

The island has a very pleasant climate that makes it possible to enjoy good waves throughout the year. Its coast, composed of beaches and coves of volcanic origin, give an added value to the practice of surfing. Well, it allows you to enjoy unique landscapes while doing the activity.

The waves are very good throughout the year. In winter they reach a large size and in summer they are windy. Due to its location, the island receives wind from different directions, including: north, northwest, west and northeast.

Professional surfers and those who like adrenaline travel to the island to enjoy the tube that forms in El Quemao. However, apprentices also find beaches with softer waves that allow them to practice sports without much experience.

This and other wave-dependent sports are practiced on the island. Since here you get water with different intensities. This makes it possible for athletes of all levels to master their tables.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is well known on the island. The diversity of natural terrains offered by Lanzarote to those who ride a bicycle is special. You can walk along the coast or drive between volcanoes.

Some of the mountain bike routes in Lanzarote are:

  • Las Salinas de Janubio.
  • La Geria.
  • El Mirador del Río.
  • La Graciosa.

In Spain there are no other landscapes or similar routes. This island has natural singularities that do not compare with another place.

Kayak fishing

Pesca deportiva en Lanzarote

The practices carried out in kayak are many. Among them is sport fishing. This, in turn, is divided into several modalities, which are:

  • Bottom fishing.
  • Jigging.
  • Curricán.
  • Spinning.

In Lanzarote there is the kayak fishing sports club called Kayalanza. In this you can request information to spend a different day. If you are an amateur or professional sport fishing you must include this activity in your itinerary.


The practice of paddle has become popular throughout the island. Especially, because women have fully incorporated into this activity. For this reason, several spaces have been opened that have special facilities for their development. Some of them are:

  • Santa Rosa Sports Center: It is located in the Costa Teguise area. This club has three courts available for paddle tennis. In addition, it has spaces created for children. In this way they will be under care and entertained while adults enjoy this sport..
  • Fariones Sports Center: One of the best sports clubs in Lanzarote. It has four paddle courts very well equipped. In addition, you can visit with your family or friends and each one of them can do the sport that they like the most. In this you can practice swimming, tennis, gymnastics and others.
  • Be Live Resort: This hotel is located in Costa Teguise. The view from the paddle courts allows us to appreciate El Ancla cove, next to the vegetation that surrounds the glass walls, make this one of the most exquisite on the island.

Hiking and trail

Senderismo en Lanzarote

In Lanzarote there are trails for mountain runners at all levels. The natural wonders of its landscapes make this one of the favorite places of the Canary Islands to practice this activity.

Those who run on the island are fascinated with their spaces. They travel through volcanoes and perceive the sea breeze at the same time. This makes excursions in Lanzarote unique in the country. In addition, it reinforces the contact with nature.

La Isla de Los Volcanes es la preferida para practicar Trail. De hecho, existen pruebas y carreras reconocidas a nivel internacional que se llevan a cabo en la isla. Pues su clima perfecto y diversos terrenos son ideales para su ejecución.


The seabed in Lanzarote is rich in native species. Whatever your level of expertise in diving is a sport that you should practice on your trip to the island. You can enjoy unique images of the sea.

In Puerto del Carmen and La Chica beach the night diving service is offered. The view of the bottom of the ocean under the moonlight is unmatched. You can immerse yourself in very wave depths or travel less deep parts of the sea according to your skills.

Children and adults can receive basic training to dive on the shores of the most beautiful beaches and coves on the island. In this way you can enjoy marine animals and plants that are unique to Lanzarote.

Now you know what sports can be done in Lanzarote. So if you want a vacation without leaving physical activity aside, this destination is for you. For transfers and excursions, contact our team, which is trained to offer you the best service.