The Essential places to visit in Tías

Lugares imprescindibles para visitar en Tias

This municipality is home to some of the sites that you cannot miss in Lanzarote. In First Minute Transfer we list the essential places to visit in Tías. Learn a little about the history and the reasons why you should stroll through this destination.

History of Tías

The most interesting places in Tías are related to its history. In this land that turned out to be one of the least fertile now the best wines of Lanzarote are produced. This is possible because volcanic eruptions between 1730-36 left the ground covered with ashes.

Volcanic ash prevents soil water from evaporating and nourishes the soil and plants. This was discovered by peasants who were forced to settle there after the eruptions.

In that settlement the village began to grow. In 1736 the hermitage of the Candelaria was built. With this temple the previous one that had burned the previous year was replaced and became one of the places to see in Tías.

Another fact that stands out in the history of this municipality is the arrival of José Saramago. The Portuguese writer settled here in 1991, seven years before winning the Nobel Prize for Literature.

During the 90s the beaches of Puerto del Puerto del Carmen are also urbanized, which gives a greater tourist boost to this part of the island.

A few centuries ago the town was known by the name Las Tías de Fajardo. This denomination was given in honor of two midwives: Doña Francisca and Doña Hernán Fajardo, who were relatives of the Governor of Gran Canaria Alonso Fajardo.

Essential places to visit in Tías

Tías is located in the south center of Lanzarote. The municipality became one of the main tourist centers of the island. In more than six kilometers of coastline there are some of the best beaches and there is a wide variety of lodging options.

In addition, it has a great gastronomic offer. In the late afternoon you will also find discos, pubs and terraces where you can enjoy Lanzarote night.

To start planning your visit to Tías we propose some places that you can not miss.

Church of La Candelaria

It is a sober temple built in the 18th century and today is one of the most emblematic buildings. The bell tower that adorns the upper part of the white temple attracts attention.

Other hermitages that you can visit in Tías are La Magdalena and San Antonio. The latter, built in the 19th century, currently houses an exhibition hall.

José Saramago’s House

museo casa Jose Saramago
The house and the library where the Portuguese author lived became a museum after his death. You can take a guided tour inside the house where there are still personal items.

During the tour you will also learn more about the work of José Saramago. The writer settled in Tías in 1991, after publishing the gospel according to Jesus Christ. The novel provoked a controversy with the government of his country and vetoed his candidacy for the European Literary Prize.

From Lanzarote he writes several of his works that obtained great relevance and in 1998 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

In addition to visiting the library that served as a work area for Saramago, you will see the collection of watches that the same writer stopped at 4:00 as a symbol of love for his wife.

La Geria and the Tías wineries

Lanzarote wines are among the most famous in the Canary Islands. You should not miss a walk through the protected landscape of La Geria, where you will see the particular way of cultivation in this part of the island.

And while doing this tour you can visit some of the wineries where you will taste the local wines and cheeses. Some of the ones you can meet are:

  • Barreto Winery: It has been active for over a hundred years, so it has become one of the most important on the island. Here El Campesino wine is produced.
  • Timanfaya wineries: Since 1999, it produces artisanal wines for family consumption. Among its most popular wines is the Timanfaya Ash.
  • Martinón: In this winery located in Masdache, they specialize in the production of pink and red Malvasia wines.
  • Vega De Yuco Winery: Here white and red wines are produced. During the weekend you can spend and taste their products.

Peoples of Tías

Among the charms of Lanzarote, architecture is one of the most striking. In Tías you will find several villages where you can admire the constructions with the traditional characteristics of the island.

Some of the towns that you should see in Tías are Conil, Tegoyo and Masdache. In them you will enjoy the contrast between the white buildings and the volcanic landscape. In addition, they have quiet streets where you can take a relaxed walk. Include them in your excursions in Lanzarote and take your time to visit them.

Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen
It is the tourist area par excellence in this part of the island. If you are looking for what to see and do in Tías, you definitely have to visit Puerto del Carmen.

Here you will find luxury hotels, restaurants, shops and intense nightlife. When located in the coastal area, there is also the port from which you can take boat trips.

Also here there are numerous popular beaches among tourists. Among these we can mention Playa Blanca, Guacimeta, Caletón de en Medio, Los Pocillos, Matagorda, among others.

Puerto del Carmen is also known as a destination for lovers of water sports. Since here visitors come throughout the year to practice windsurfing, diving, fishing and more.

These are some of the essential places to visit in Tías. To which we can add the Friday market and walks around the municipality. Its location is strategic, so from here you can reach Timanfaya, visit Yaiza, the volcano route, among others. If you are starting to organize your walks, contact us.