6 unusual places to visit in Lanzarote

Lugares inusuales para visitar en Lanzarote

Do you know what are the unusual places to visit in Lanzarote? Beyond the beaches and Timanfaya, the island hides several sites that you cannot miss during your stay. At First Minute transfer website we list them for you.

An island formed by volcanoes

Lanzarote is one of the most popular destinations in Spain for vacation. Its greatest attraction is the volcanic character that has shaped the entire island. Wherever you go through the eruptions of a few centuries ago they left their mark. And, in addition, you will enjoy just what the locals have achieved to adapt to these lands.

That arid landscape, largely covered by black earth and volcanic cliffs attracts millions of tourists every year. Most visits are limited to famous beaches and places that are usually crowded with people.

But apart from these, there are other places to see in Lanzarote. That, although less talk about them, does not mean that it is not worth including them in our tour.

If you are planning your next excursion in Lanzarote, here we name those sites that will give you another perspective of the island.

Unusual places to visit in Lanzarote

On some occasion you will have heard about these places. Although they are known, most remain under the shadow of other destinations. Here we mention them for you to consider during your next visit.

1. The house of Omar Sharif (Lagomar)

There is a legend in Lanzarote according to which actor Omar Sharif fell in love with a house while filming the Mysterious Island in the area. The Egyptian bought it and the next day he lost it by betting on a game of Bridge.

The winner of the bet was his own real estate agent, who was also European Bridge champion. After this Sharif did not return to the island.

Many have questioned the truth of the story and it was invented to attract tourists. Whether the legend is true or not, the house does exist and was built between the lava mounds of a volcano. The construction has the seal of César Manrique.

Lagomar’s house has crooked stairs, rooms and secret passageways. It is a charm to behold and a very fun place.

Now there is a restaurant where you can taste a mojito and good food. In addition, they also present jazz concerts.

Casa de Lagomar

2. 2. The Raven (El Cuervo)

The volcanoes modeled the island and approaching them is a unique experience.

When you talk about visiting the volcanoes of Lanzarote, the first thing that comes to mind is the Timanfaya. And although the park is worth exploring, there are others that you will also love.

The volcanic crater of El Cuervo is a place you cannot miss. It is located north of Tías and has a dramatic appearance. On one of its walls there is a crack through which you can reach inside. Those who have reached the center claim that a disturbing aura is perceived.

3. El Golfo

Among the places to visit in Lanzarote in a week is the Laguna Verde. Surely you have heard of this particular place that is located in El Golfo.

It is a landscape that offers a surprising view to visitors. On the one hand there is the green lagoon that is just in front of the sea; Although this beach is not suitable. Around it black sand and volcanic cliffs complete the view.

The contrast offered by the colors black, green, blue and red make it an ideal place to photograph. If you travel with children, you will surely love this landscape.

Also, not far from there – in the village – you will find restaurants where you can stop to eat.

4. The Charcones of Órzola

The reason why many visitors overlook this place is because access is not easy. To get to Los Charcones you have to cross a dirt road that at some points becomes complicated. But when you arrive you will realize that it was worth the effort.

Los Charcones son un conjunto de piscinas naturales que se encuentran cerca de Órzola. Se forman entre las rocas volcánicas con el agua del mar. No tienen olas ni corrientes, por lo que es muy seguro estar un rato en ellas.

Staying in one of the pools is very relaxing. There are several from which you can choose, even in some nudism is practiced.

Los Charcones Orzola

5. Guanapay Castle

It is the oldest castle in the entire Canary archipelago. It is located on the crater of the volcano that bears the same name. The official denomination is Castillo de Santa Bárbara.

The fortress was built to protect themselves from pirate attacks and give shelter to locals when they arrived. Its location, 360 meters above sea level, allowed to anticipate the arrival of the bandits; so that the inhabitants had time to protect themselves. It was also used as a prison for prisoners.

Since the mid-nineteenth century it was abandoned. In 1960 the first restoration was carried out and another one in 1977. Between 1991 and 2011 it housed the Ethnographic Museum, then gave way to the Piracy Museum. For all this it is one of the essential visits in Lanzarote.

6. El Bosquecillo (The Grove)

This place is a must if you love outdoor activities. You must visit El Bosquecillo, it is a beautiful place to enjoy nature. Where you will even find a picnic area and a children’s playground.

To get there you must go to Haría, from where the hiking trail begins. For three hours you will cross impressive places like the Valley of the Step and the Ravine of Elvira Sánchez.

When you arrive at El Bosquecillo you will find the viewpoint of the Famara cliff, which will give you one of the best views of the entire island.

All these alternatives will make you know and enjoy the island better. What other unusual places to visit in Lanzarote would you add to the list? Start planning your trip and contact us to know about our transportation services and excursions.