What to eat and where in Lanzarote Island

When traveling to any place you can not fail to try and get to know its gastronomy. In Lanzarote First Minute Transfer we want to recommend what to eat and where in Lanzarote. A guide on the most delicious places and dishes on the island.

Lanzarote gastronomy

When traveling to a new place, it is best to know it to the fullest. That not only implies its tourist places or natural beauties, it is also to enjoy its gastronomy. Without a doubt it is a way to know part of their culture.

Lanzarote has a lot to offer and its vast and delicious food is one of them. Its cuisine has a high predominance for the fruits of the sea. Something that has in common with the rest of the Canary Islands.

It is not surprising that a high percentage of the gastronomy of Lanzarote goes hand in hand with fish and seafood. This due to its proximity to the sea. Giving rise to a variety of typical dishes where the main thing is these

On the other hand, there are the famous products of agriculture on the island. Since they are of very good quality, they emphasize the potatoes, pumpkins, onions, lentils, sweet potatoes, millet and corn. They all work as the perfect accompaniment to a variety of delicious dishes.

Lanzarote has a relevant amount of goats. Meat is an essential part of the Christmas dish of the people of the island. Goat milk is used for the production of both artisanal and industrially produced cheeses.

Its range of desserts is also something worth appreciating. You can find sweet empanadas and even bienmesabe. And finally there are its wines, one of the most famous and delicious is the Malvasia grape.

Typical dishes

As we mentioned, Lanzarote’s cuisine is influenced by the sea but it is also very varied. You can find dishes like:

  • The sancocho, this is a fish cooked in gofio and with a touch of mojo picón.
  • Old fish clothes, is a fish stew with scales included.
  • Potatoes wrinkled with mojo, these are cooked with very salty water and then dry them to fire until wrinkled.
  • Goat meat, there are many ways to prepare it, you find the stew but there are also dumpligs and tacos.
  • Bienmesabe, it is a delight made of almonds, egg, lemon zest and sugar.

What to eat and where in Lanzarote

To visit Lanzarote is to be captivated by the natural beauty and more if you decide to do some tour. But when you go to these places you can also enjoy something delicious to eat, take and try different dishes.

Taste the typical dishes is the way to know the gastronomy of Lanzarote. Here we will tell you about some restaurants that will leave you surprised and eager to return.

La Casa de la Playa (The Beach House)

If you are going to do a tour in the Cueva de los Verdes, Casa la Playa is undoubtedly an excellent option. Most of the people you will find are locals. But it is a good sign, more if you want to try typical and homemade food

This restaurant is located in a fishing village called Arrieta. One of its great advantages is that it is very close to the beach. You can enjoy your meal from the terrace of the place or inside, where the atmosphere is quite calm and familiar.

Here you can try a delicious grilled octopus. Always offer the fish of the day and having the fishing activity so close you will enjoy very fresh food.

El Mirador de Femés

The restaurant is located in the Femés village, hence the name of the place. It offers a great variety of typical foods of Lanzarote. The place is very quiet and every day you can find different dishes.

When you go you can not stop trying their famous homemade croquettes, these are cooked with canary gofio, it is a popular alga in the area. You also find goat stew, a delight for the palate.

For dessert you can order a rich bienmesabe with Baileys, a liquor based on cream of milk and Irish whiskey. An excellent combination.

comida del restaurant mar azul

Mar Azul (Blue sea)

This restaurant is in a village in El Golfo, it is quite close to the Timanfaya National Park. You will have the convenience of choosing if you want to eat inside the restaurant or on its beautiful terrace that overlooks the sea.

The dishes feel homemade, so it is an excellent way to enjoy the food of Lanzarote. Among the most delicious are the fried sardines, the calamari sprig and the famous fruit salad of the house. This place without a doubt offers a lot of gastronomic variety.

La Bodeguita del Medio

You can find it in passing through Teguise. The place is small, but comfortable. One of the biggest attractions for visitors are the tapas they offer, they have typical tapas from the gastronomy of the Canary Islands.

Its menu is not so extensive so you will not have to spend hours deciding what to eat in Lanzarote. But without a doubt the ones that make up your menu are delicious, you can eat the famous potatoes with mojo. You also find samples of artisanal goat cheese and tuna salads.

Simple & Natural

This is a cafe where you can find a wide variety of light meals for breakfast. It is a good option if you are a vegetarian, as they offer many salads and other dishes. There you will find some delicious natural lemonades.

You can also find pizza and meat with potatoes, in case you do not feel like exploring too much in the typical dishes.

The old School Bar & Café

It is a cafe and bar that serves both breakfast and lunch. They offer choices of dishes for both vegetarians and vegans. Something that makes it quite famous, is its artisan lemonade, its rich chocolate cakes and homemade cakes.

Knowing what to eat and where in Lanzarote, will give you the opportunity to not have bad experiences. Its cuisine is mostly related to the sea, and being close you will eat very fresh dishes. If you are thinking of visiting the island you can contact us to enjoy a better experience.

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