What to see in Lanzarote for free this autumn. Excellent!

You can discover wonderful things in this island of fire, without making major expenses. In First Minute Transfer we tell you what to see in Lanzarote for free in the autumn. It’s time to plan a trip for this iconic destination.

What is the best time to travel to Lanzarote

Any time of year is good to visit this island, but it will also depend on the tastes and activities you want to do. One thing you must take into account is that it is not always summer. For these days and temperatures begin to fall and can be between 16 and 23 degrees, they are still perfect to enjoy all that Lazarote has to offer.

Many prefer this time to travel to Lanzarote, the days of autumn are perfect for hiking and other shocking activities. If you plan your trip for these dates consider bringing some thin jackets that can cover you, since the nights tend to be cooler. If you want to enjoy the nightlife of the island, you might need them.

Activities to explore Lanzarote with little budget in the autumn

Conocer lanzarote con poco presupuesto

There are a lot of excursions in Lanzarote, but among the main activities to know the essence of this island we have:

  • The mountains of fire: They create the sensation to the visitors of being walking by the moon. These mountains originate after the volcanic eruptions between 1730 and 1736, later in that area was declared Timanfaya National Park. It is an activity where one coexists with the imposing nature, crossing the route of the volcanoes.
  • The Jameos del Agua: It is a work of magical art in a volcanic cave. Inside it there is a natural lake that is barely illuminated by the sun. It is an activity that allows you to enjoy a unique landscape that is among the most economical on the island.
  • The César Manrique House Museum: It’s a slightly more expensive walk, but it’s worth living. It is about knowing a great part of the work of the artist César Manrique where he made a union of art and nature. It is located in the middle of a palm grove in the town of Haría, north of the island.
  • The wine route: If you are going to travel to Lanzarote in the autumn you have to make a mandatory stop in La Geria, an area where all the vineyards are located. You need to know the wine route and then make a tasting of these.

What to see in Lanzarote for free this autumn

Conocer Caleta de Famara gratis en Laznarote

You do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy the best landscapes of this volcanic island. Lanzarote is much more than beaches, it’s history, it’s culture and art. It gives you the possibility to enjoy different activities and free visits for the whole family.

Castle of San José

The Castillo de San José is a historic fortress, built between 1776 and 1779 by King Carlos III. It is currently the headquarters of the International Museum of Contemporary Art. From there you also have incredible views towards the Port of Naos and Muelle de los Mármoles.

It also has an exquisite restaurant. It is a unique and emblematic place.

Visit Caleta de Famara

It is a very traditional village, with sandy streets and surrounded by white houses that transmit tranquility and harmony. This area belongs to the Chinijo Natural Park, it is known for its excellent restaurants where they serve the best local food.

Those who love extreme sports, such as surfing and kite surfing, can find here the best waves.

Go to Los Ajaches Park

Los Ajaches is a volcanic massif with an area of 3000 hectares, which is located south of Lanzarote, in the municipality of Yaiza. It is one of the oldest natural monuments, and one of the most important places in the Canary Islands. In this area you will find some beaches and hiking trails.

Hiking routes

This island is the preferred one for hiking, since it has very varied routes. In addition, the landscape of natural monuments, makes the road an unparalleled experience. You can enjoy this activity in different heights and terrains.

Some of the best hiking trails in Lanzarote are:

  • From Fémes to Playa Quemada: It is a route that goes to the south of Lanzarote, and has an average difficulty. Its extension is seven kilometers and the route should last about three and a half hours. The terrain is quite irregular and at the beginning of the adventure you will also cross some curves. While you will have an impressive view towards the Valley.
  • From Yé to Volcán de la Corona: It is a more familiar route because it is more comfortable and without extreme difficulties. They travel five kilometers normally over an hour and a half or a little more. It allows you to meet the vegetation and at the top you will have a panoramic view of the Yé vineyards.
  • From Caleta de Famara to Bosquecillo: It is a challenge, it is the right one for those with more experience in the activity and it is a more difficult path due to its 620 meters of elevation. The route starts from Caleta de Famara north of the island, and has an area of six kilometers.

Salinas de Janubio

Salinas de Janubio are located in the municipality of Yaiza, form a landscape of great architectural and cultural value filled with many colors. They are currently in operation and continue to produce.

It is said that from here you can observe the best sunsets of the whole island, another unforgettable moment that Lanzarote gives to its visitors.

Get to know the beaches

When you decide to visit the beaches of Lanzarote you are opting for days of absolute tranquility. This charming island offers different options to give you the best baths and cool off. It is an authentic place to relax.

You can choose between beaches with clear or black sand. On the one hand there are those of Papagayo in Yaiza, they are of white sand and crystal clear water. In them the environment has been respected so there are no tourist infrastructures.

Other of the most famous are the beaches of Puerto del Carmen, located southeast of the island in the municipality of Tías. They are known for their warm and calm waters like those of Playa Grande or Playa Blanca.

And of course we must mention those of Costa de Teguise, the favorite of athletes. In its beaches you can enjoy different water activities, and in case you do not have your equipment you would have to pay for the rent.

Browse the street markets

When we talk about knowing the culture of Lanzarote can not miss the visit to the markets. This is an island producing fruit and vegetables, which you can find in these popular markets, as well as the crafts of Lanzarote.

It is one of the most entertaining cultural walks since it is the best way to encourage the consumption of your own products. These are distributed throughout the island, although some are better known than others. Like the one in Teguise on Sundays, or the one in Arrecife that takes place on Saturdays.

Los Hervideros

You can go for free in Lanzarote visiting Los Hervideros, they are cliffs belonging to the Timanfaya National Park that are located on the west coast.

It is a unique landscape, where you observe the sea hitting the rocks that formed after volcanic eruptions. When the water passes between them it gives the impression of being boiling, and that’s where the name comes from. It is one of the necessary tours to get to know the island and its history.

If you want to visit the island and you need to know what to see in Lanzarote for free this autumn, all these last trips are freely accessible to the public. So now you can plan your travel days. From First Minute Transfer we want you to have an experience of another level, so to complement these outputs contact us.

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