You should not miss the Wine and festivals route in La Geria

Consejos para salir de excursión en Lanzarote

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The landscape of Lanzarote is a sample of how people have had to adapt to this volcanic environment. And they have achieved it in such a way that nowadays they have unique products that visitors want to try. From Airport transfers in Lanzarote we present one of these particularities: You should not miss the Wine and festivals tours in La Geria.

La Geria, obligatory stop in Lanzarote

Most visitors to Lanzarote concentrate on the beaches. But this island offers much more than that. One of its peculiarities is La Geria. A strip of volcanic soil where the strains are grown and then turned into wine.

It is difficult to think that in this soil covered with volcanic material and on which very little rain falls during the year this crop can be grown. But the ingenuity of the locals got him to adapt. And it is this same environment that gives these unique characteristics to La Geria wine.

Volcanic eruptions are part of the history of Lanzarote. Those that occurred in the 18th century defined the characteristics of the soil. Even so the vintners looked for the way to cultivate in this region. And they did it by digging holes in the ashes until they reached the fertile land. Around these were built stone walls, facing east, which protect the vine from the trade winds.

La Geria is a protected area in the Yaiza municipality. It has an area of 5,255.5 hectares and the main vineyards are between San Bartolomé and Uga. In 1994 the Denomination of Origin was constituted and the variety that predominates is Malvasía. Although there are others such as Listán Negro y Blanco, Moscatel, among others.

If you go to Lanzarote you should take some time to taste and buy wine from La Geria.

You should not miss the Wine and festivals route in La Geria

Among the excursions in Lanzarote, make sure not missing a tour that has wine tasting. You will enjoy the landscape of the vineyards in this land that seems inhospitable and that is also next to the Timanfaya to complete the landscape.

To enjoy the wine route in Lanzarote 2019 you can start the tour of the north or south of the island. In the north you will find routes that start from the Monument to the Peasant. From the south, you can start from Uga, and if you go for a weekend, take advantage of visiting the local market before starting the tour.

There are hiking trails that you can do to see the landscape more closely. You can also go by car and stop at the wineries that are around the valley and offer different services.

Bodegas la geria

Among the wineries that must be seen in La Geria we can mention:

  • Bodegas La Geria. It began to operate at the end of the 19th century and is one of the oldest on the island. It is located near Uga and is open to the visit of travelers. There you can taste the wines they produce and if you like, you can buy some. In addition to seeing the facilities from there you can enjoy the view offered by the landscape.
  • El Grifo (The tap). You will identify it by the sculpture of a tap that is in the entrance and that is the work of César Manrique. It works since 1775, it is the oldest on the island and one of the most historic in Spain. Inside is the Wine Museum.
  • Mozaga. This winery is to the north, between San Bartolomé and Tinajo. It is another of the La Geria vineyards in Lanzarote most recognized since it has been working since 1880. And in its years of history it has managed to collect various prizes.

Otras bodegas que visitar en La Geria

  • Finca Fajardo. You will know the process of wine production during the tour of this winery in production since 1880. It is located in La Vegueta and can only be visited on Saturdays.
  • Bodegas Barreto. It is an active family business since the early twentieth century, but began to market in 1959. You can go there to taste the wine, but if you want to see the facilities you have to book an appointment in advance.

How to reach La Geria in Lanzarote

We already mentioned that you can get to La Geria in your car, either in the south or the north of the island. Depending on where you stay and the itinerary you plan, you can choose one of the two routes.

But if you have not rented a car on the island you also have other options. An alternative is to go by public transport. From Las Tías, for example, several buses leave for the valley, you just have to find out the schedules. Another way is through a taxi service that takes you to the valley so you can get to know it.

Liquid Sounds Festival

festival sonidos liquidos

When talking about the wine region of Lanzarote, do not forget the La Geria Liquid Sounds Festival. This is a music festival that takes place every year since 2011. The objective of this event is none other than to promote the wines of Lanzarote.

It is done in summer, so you have enough time to plan your next visit to the island if you want to attend the festival. The event combines live music with wine tasting. During the time it lasts, it turns La Geria into the center of attention of the island.

It is very easy to get to the festival from any part of the island. You just have to take the bus to Sonidos Líquidos in Lanzarote, which usually leaves from different points of the island and at different times. To go on this transport you have to book in advance. But, if you are in the town of Uga, there is a parking lot where you can get free buses to La Geria.

In any case, this information is updated on the event website every year.

With this information you can enjoy the wine and festivals route in La Geria that you can not miss. Keep an eye on the schedule so you can take this tour. Remember that you can book the transport with First-Minute Transfer, contact us.

This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)

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