Where to do Windsurf in Lanzarote

The island of volcanoes has excellent conditions for almost any water sport. If you are fond of this type of activities, you will be interested to know where to do Windsurfing in Lanzarote and as your company in charge of Transfers in Lanzarote Airport we will tell you the best places to learn and practice it.

Reasons to practice windsurfing in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has several of the best places in Spain and Europe to practice water sports, including windsurfing.

Some of the elements that make the island an ideal destination to perform these disciplines are:

  • It has excellent climatic conditions practically all year, which includes pleasant and almost invariable temperatures.
  • You can enjoy 4 types of winds ideal for windsurfing. These are: trade winds, sirocos, winds from the south and winds from the north.
  • It has appropriate places or locations for all levels. From the lowest to the most experienced.
  • Throughout the island there are facilities dedicated to teaching the basic and average knowledge of windsurfing. In addition to equipment rental service.

Best time for windsurfing

The best season to visit Lanzarote in case you want to go windsurfing is from April to September.

Winds of greater intensity occur in June, July and early August, but may vary. While in April they are more constant.

In case the wind fails when you decide to go to practice a bit, do not be discouraged, the recommended windsurfing beaches are very beautiful and you can enjoy taking a bath with your family or friends.

Where to do Windsurf in Lanzarote

Around the island there are multiple places where you can practice Windsurf and other water sports under the best conditions. Some of the best and most popular are:

The spoons

Las Cucharas is the reference area for windsurfing in Lanzarote. This is located in the town of Costa Teguise, in the eastern part of the island.

It has an excellent reputation and international recognition because since 1990, in mid-July, the World Windsurf Championship is held.

It is the ideal place for both beginners and the most experienced. Since the shore of the bay is calm and with few winds, but in the deepest spaces large waves are formed with high-speed winds.

You can practice windsurfing in this area practically all year. Although if you want to meet much more regular winds, visit it between the months of May and August.

In the area there are multiple windsurfing, equipment rental and rescue services. For this reason, it is quite busy at some times of the year.

los Charcos Beach

A few meters from Las Cucharas, in the north direction, is Playa los Charcos. It is a small almost closed bay that local windsurfers frequent.

This place is famous for the wave that forms between the two breakwaters that are at the exit to the open sea

You must be careful with the currents that form due to the closedness of the beach, especially if you are a beginner.

It is a much less crowded area than Las Cucharas, so you can practice much quieter.

Los Jameos

Los Jameos is considered one of the best places to practice Windsurf in Europe. It is located in the northern part of the island, very close to the Cueva de los Verdes and one of the stops of the Jameos del Agua express tour.

It is a very beautiful area, but not suitable for beginners due to the types of waves that occur. These are fast, long, tall and often have hollow sections.

The best time for windsurfing in this area is between April and September. Although its winds are little variable throughout the year.

Because the beach floor is volcanic lava, the entrance to the water is a bit complicated. When the tide is low, athletes enter through a sand corridor that can be seen.

Famara Beach

Famara is one of the best beaches in Lanzarote. It is very extensive and is located in the north of the island, right at the foot of an impressive cliff named after the Risco de Famara.

At some times of the year the wind is strong enough for windsurfing. But for kitesurfing the waves are guaranteed all year.

It is a majestic space to navigate but not to perform pirouettes.

Los Pocillos Beach

Los Pocillos Beach is located in Playa del Carmen and is the perfect place to get started in this discipline.

Usually, the beach water is almost flat due to its gentle winds. Although sometimes it raises some waves. Here you can learn the basics of windsurfing without any problem or risk.

Centers where to learn windsurfing

On the coast of the island you can find multiple centers that give you the opportunity to learn the techniques of windsurfing and other water sports. Some of them are:

  • Windsurf Paradise Lanzarote: It is located in Las Cucharas and has courses for beginners and more experienced people. The sessions or classes have a duration of one hour and a half for beginners and one hour for the most advanced. It also provides rental equipment for windsurfing.
  • Windsurfing Club Nathalie Simon: You can locate this center in De las Olas, in Costa Teguise. It also has courses for beginners and advanced, but for the residents of the island there are special rates.
  • Insular Center of Nautical Sports: In Arrecife you can find in Insular Center of Nautical Sports. This has a windsurfing course for beginners with affordable rates. Availability is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Pro Center Antxon Otaegui: It was opened in 2013 in Las Cucharas and has courses for all levels and excellent last generation material. But it stands out for the quality of its Freestyle instructors or advanced level.

Now that you know where to windsurf in Lanzarote, which beach will you try first? If you want to know more about the island or simply need to transfer from the airport, contact us.