Best beaches for swimming in Lanzarote

Mejores playas para nadar en Lanzarote (1)

This island has a lot to offer to tourists, which is why it has become one of Spain’s favorite destinations. As experts in First Minute transfer today we want to talk to you about the best beaches for swimming in Lanzarote. Keep reading and know them here.

The beaches are the great attraction of Lanzarote

The tourism to know the beaches of the island was what catapulted the visits to Lanzarote in the sixties.

It is an island located in the Atlantic, but this does not prevent you from having excellent conditions for surfing. There are some parts that are dangerous for swimming through its underwater currents, but others that are an excellent option.

In Lanzarote you will find some of the best beaches in the Canary Islands. Volcanic eruptions were the key to its formation; Therefore, you can see some black sand beaches, there are also with golden and white sand.

The water is a crystalline blue, together with the shades of sand will give you a spectacular view to enjoy.

Perhaps the most popular option in Lanzarote is Papagayo Beach, it was named as the best beach in Spain this year. But there are many more that you can know, there are nudist options, for surfers, for families and more.

Here we will show you specifically what are the best beaches for swimming in Lanzarote. This is an ideal destination to enjoy the beaches, it has good weather practically all year.

You must be careful when swimming on the beaches of Lanzarote, there are some that have dangerous waters due to strong underwater currents. Among them Famara and El Golfo.

Best beaches for swimming in Lanzarote

Some go to the beach to sunbathe in the sand, others to read, there are also those who go as a family or who prefer water sports. Today we will talk about the best options for swimming on the beaches of Lanzarote.

Natural pools in Lanzarote

Natural architecture has no comparison. Nature in Lanzarote was able to form the natural pools of Los Charcones. These are located in the south of the island, about five minutes driving from Playa Blanca.

They are a series of pools with different depths and shapes, they are very beautiful to look at and also ideal for relaxing in them. These ponds are filled with the water of the waves. It is best to go when there is low tide, so they are safer.

Another natural pool of Lanzarote is in Punta Mujeres, on the east coast of the island. It is a very quiet place, and it is ideal to go with children.

Charco del Palo is a natural nudist pool, it is in the municipality of Haría.

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Playa La francesa (Frncesa beach)

This is an isolated beach on La Graciosa Island ideal for swimming, it has golden sand sections and volcanic rocks and dunes behind. Although it is not located in Lanzarote it is very easy to move from one island to another, so we include it in this list.

The beach is south facing, therefore, its waters are calm and ideal for swimming. Although it is a popular point for those who arrive in boats and decide to anchor, so you must be careful.

Playa Papagayo (Papagayo beach)

We already mentioned it as the best beach in Spain, this is the best known by tourists. For this reason it is very busy. It has golden sand and water of a beautiful blue color.

It is not a single beach but two kilometers of coves. For being so big you will surely get a space to be quiet with your companions.

We recommend as a place to specifically swim the Papagayo cove. It is just past the Ajaches Monument. In the day the water of this beach is very calm. So you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling or just being with your family.

Punta de Papagayos

Playa Flamingo (Flamingo beach)

It is another option of a very quiet beach for swimming in Lanzarote. It is south of the island. It is small, calm crystal waters with white sand.

It has all the services such as restaurants and shops, as well as showers, umbrella rental, among others. It is an option to go with children because of the calm waters.

Playa Dorada (Dorada beach)

This is a beach in the tourist area of Playa Blanca, it has golden sand, hence its name. The water is so clear that it looks like a swimming pool, it has turquoise tones that dazzle its visitors.

The water is generally very calm, so you can swim in it without problems. This makes it ideal to go with children.

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Playa Grande

This beach is located in Puerto del Carmen, this is the first tourist area of the island. It is a familiar option with calm waters, ideal to have a good time in the water swimming.

The best thing is that it has all the facilities, such as bathrooms, showers, machines to buy drinks and snacks, places to rent equipment for diving and to practice water sports.

In addition, it has lifeguards. So you will be very safe when swimming in this Lanzarote beach.

Playa El jabillo

It is a very popular beach, with easy access. You can swim in it as it is protected from sea currents by breakwaters. It is one of the best options in Costa Teguise.

It is ideal for snorkeling and swimming with the family.

General recommendations when swimming on the beach

Keeping you safe when swimming in the ocean is essential, follow these recommendations:

  • Respect the water. He is aware of your swimming skills, the ocean water is different from that of the swimming pools.
  • Follow the rules and recommendations of beach lifeguards.
  • He is aware of underwater currents. These can change and drag you from one second to another away from where you were.
  • In case of problems keep calm. Do not fight the waves because you will get tired very quickly, better try to float and attract attention.
  • Do not drink and swim. If you are drinking alcohol, it is best not to go into the water to swim.

Other of the best beaches for swimming in Lanzarote are El Reducto and Flamingo. If you want to visit the island and know these and other coves, contact us.