The Plans for Christmas: visit Lanzarote nativity scenes

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As experts in Lanzarote airport transfers we invite you to make your plans for Christmas on the island of fire. Visiting Lanzarote nativity scenes, buying gifts at typical markets or taking a beach bath in the middle of December are some ways to enjoy the island.

The ideal destination for Christmas

During Christmas, Lanzarote is the favorite destination for Spaniards in the peninsula and northern Europeans. The reason is the good weather that prevails throughout the year and, especially, in December. It is the ideal place to escape the cold, rain and snow.

The atmosphere becomes festive during these dates. In all the municipalities there are activities to do, they decorate Christmas and there are many places to visit as a family. And if you prefer to party, you will also have where to go. In Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen there is a lot of movement thanks to bars, clubs and pubs.

There are also hotels that offer Christmas and New Year parties. You can book your place in any of these if you prefer a more familiar celebration.

During your Christmas holidays in Lanzarote you can take some time to relax on the beach. The average temperature is 22 degrees.

Or if you prefer, you can do some excursion in Lanzarote to the most emblematic places of the island. You will find that there is much to do and you will not regret choosing it as your destination.

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Get ready to visit Lanzarote nativity scenes

In Lanzarote, as in the rest of Spain, a deeply rooted tradition is that of nativity scenes. It’s about recreating the birth of Jesus in a miniature town.

All the municipalities of the island tend to create these Christmas representations in a public place, which become works of art. Some are very large and in them you can distinguish the different villages and emblematic places of the region.

For the first days of December, the representations in the public squares begin to be exhibited. In this way they create a route of nativity scenes in Lanzarote that you should not miss if you travel to the island on these dates. Especially if you go with your family, the little ones will love it.

We mention some of those who have stood out in recent years.


In this town located to the west of the island a very particular nativity scene is staged. In general, we hope to see miniature towns and figures, but here you will see it in real size.

You will find Mary and Joseph at the inn waiting for the birth of the baby Jesus. Also to the Magi and some pastors doing their daily work.

You will also see real animals in the portal that give life to the representation.

You can spend the night in Tinajo and also enjoy the light show that adorns the municipality.


Another of the most emblematic nativity scenes to see during your Christmas in Lanzarote is that of Arrecife. It is usually located in the Plaza de Las Palmas, next to the church of San Ginés. The representation varies every year. We have seen it in pieces of wood, in the shape of a cellar and even in sand.

This was the last year, when 25 tons of sand were used to build the figures of the nativity scene that was installed in the Municipal Recova.

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Include among your Christmas plans in Lanzarote a walk to know the nativity scene of Tías. The council usually inaugurates the portal the first days of December in the Leandro Fajardo square, next to the Hermitage of San Antonio.

It is characterized by details when wanting to represent the emblematic places of the municipality. It is customary to see a small volcano erupting in the nativity scene, this represents the origin of the landscape of the Geria.

Last year there were a couple of novelties enjoyed by those present, especially children. These were the artificial snow machine and the multicolored tree that lit the sound of Christmas songs.


Yaiza Nativity Scene is a miniature representation of this town. In this you can distinguish the most emblematic places of the island. The traditional buildings and white buildings stand out, creating the illusion of seeing Lanzarote in miniature.


The Teguise portal is usually installed in the Camilo José Cela square and also represents the emblematic buildings of the place. As well as the different attractions of the island.

The nativity scenes of Lanzarote usually occupy ample extensions, which allows to give many details to each one. In addition to the ones we mentioned, you cannot miss others like Haría or La Graciosa.

Other plans for Christmas in Lanzarote

Visiting the nativity scenes and enjoying Christmas decorations will take some time, but you will still have much more to enjoy on the island. Here are some options:

  • Enjoy the Christmas shows. Presentations and special events for Christmas are organized in each municipality. Check what the plans are and go to some of them.
  • Visit the emblematic places. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the emblematic places of the island such as the Jameos del Agua, the Timanfaya, Jardin de Cáctus, etc. Check the schedules for Christmas and New Year’s days at the Center for Art, Culture and Tourism.
  • Enjoy the parties. There are hotels that organize Christmas and New Year dinners for visitors. Reserve a place if you have no plans for that day. But you can also party at night spots in the most tourist areas.
  • Visit the markets. A typical stop in Lanzarote is the traditional markets. This time you can visit them to buy original Christmas gifts and remember your time on the island.
  • Celebrate the New Year in Arrecife. The church square of San Ginés Obispo is a typical place to meet on New Year’s Eve and receive the new year. Here visitors from all over congregate to enjoy the party and eat the lucky grapes.

Do you already have your Christmas plans? Write down your itinerary to visit the Lanzarote nativity scenes, go to the beach and enjoy the parties on the island. Organize the trip with time and contact us to book your transfers.