¡Meet the best of each municipality in Lanzarote!

conoce lo mejor de cada municipio de lanzarote

If you want to do fun activities and enjoy amazing natural landscapes it is time to know the best of each municipality in Lanzarote. From your transfer company at the Lanzarote airport we assure you that it is an experience that you will not forget and that you can do with your loved ones or alone.

Lanzarote distribution

Lanzarote is one of the largest and most populated islands in the Canary archipelago. It has an area of 845.94 square kilometers and approximately 149,183 inhabitants.

The island is made up of 7 municipalities: Teguise, Haria, Tias, Yaiza, San Bartolomé, Arrecife and Tinajo. Each one has very characteristic villages that are one of the main tourist attractions of the island.

In addition, in these municipalities of Lanzarote you will find beaches, parks, cave museums and more.

Meet the best of each municipality in Lanzarote

Each municipality of the 7 of Lanzarote has characteristics, tourist places and customs that make them special.

Next, we will tell you a little about them and everything they have to offer you.


The municipality of Teguise is located right in the center of the island. Its capital is Villa de Teguise, better known as La Villa.

It is one of the most important archaeological and historical sites of the Canary Islands, it is also considered one of the best tourist centers. Some of the most representative and visited places of this municipality are:

  • Historic center: the historic center of Villa Teguise will show you a bit of the history of this wonderful town. It is one of the oldest areas of the island where several events happened that marked the history of Lanzarote.

It still preserves the stone streets in its surroundings. In addition to houses and premises with ancient facades very well preserved.

  • Santa Barbara Castle: Built in the mid-fifteenth century, right on top of the Guanapay volcano. Although it started as a fortress, it currently has a museum where you can see different archaeological pieces.

You can also learn everything about the history of piracy in the Canary Islands.

  • Famara Beach: It is one of the best and most popular beaches of Teguise. This extends from the fishing village of Caleta de Famara, to a cliff called El Risco.

It is a beach of golden and fine sand, with waves and winds perfect for water sports such as surfing. In addition, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and pleasant walks.

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Tías is located in the southern central tip of Lanzarote, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition to respecting the initial architecture of the island with its beautiful white houses, it also has multiple tourist points. Some of the places to visit in Tías are:

  • Parish of Our Lord of the Candelaria: It is a very beautiful church with an interesting history. Legend has it that during its construction process what was erected during the day was collapsed at night by the devil. Then it was discovered that someone who disagreed with the location of the temple was the one who committed those acts.

Another very famous temple in the municipality is that of San Antonio.

  • Casa de José Saramago.
  • Puerto del Carmen: it is the most tourist place in this area of the island. You will find beaches, luxury hotels, the port and much more.


This municipality is located in the southwest corner of the isa. It is one of the most neat and best preserved in Lanzarote. If you wonder what you can do in Yaiza, here are some options:

  • Timanfaya National Park: Also known as the Volcano Park, it offers multiple activities and places to enjoy unique experiences.

You can go on camel tours and feed them, go hiking on some of their routes. Taking a Timanfaya tour is an excellent opportunity to see this place up close.

Timanfaya National Park

  • Charco de Clicos or the Laguna Verde: As the name implies, its waters are intense green, the result of the great concentration of sulfur and a kind of algae that inhabits it.

San Bartolomé:

The municipality of San Bartolomé is located in the center of the island. It is located the Lanzarote airport.

  • Visit wine cellars: San Bartolomé is well known for the great quality of its wines. If you visit this municipality you can not stop trying them.

We recommend you visit the Wine Museum, Bodega Los Bermejos and Bodega La florida.

  • Take a buggy tour: You can enjoy a buggy ride along the volcanic trails in the area. Or if you prefer to take a few laps on the karting track.


Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote since the 19th century. There they inhabit more than half of the population of the whole island and is considered as the center of the economy.

It has many places of tourist interest, among which the following stand out:

  • The Castle of San Gabriel: From the maritime center of the city of Arrecife you can head east. It was built in 1572, but years later it was burned, which involved rebuilding it almost completely.

It is an excellent point to observe the entire city, the coast and beautiful sunsets.

  • The San Gines neighborhood: It is one of the most interesting places in the entire municipality. This area has a spectacular landscape with fishing boats in a kind of saltwater lagoon.

There are many restaurants, places to walk and a couple of bridges.


It is located in the west center of the island. This was one of the most affected by the eruptions of the past, which led it to be currently one of the agricultural municipalities par excellence of Lanzarote.

Some of its points of interest are:

  • San Roque Church: This temple, like all the architecture of the municipality, is a spectacle. Inside yoSan Roque Churchu can see a Virgin of the Candelaria and a Christ.
  • Natural parks: You can visit both the Timanfaya Natural Park and La Geria. In both you will enjoy activities such as hiking.


In Haria you will find many of the most beautiful villages in Lanzarote. In this area there is a large number of palm trees, which gives it an appearance similar to an oasis.

  • One of the best places you can visit in this municipality is the first center of art, culture and tourism of Lanzarote.

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  • The Cave of the Greens: It is an underground art gallery that is located in one of the largest volcanic tubes on the island and in the world.

You already know the best of each municipality of Lanzarote, go ahead and visit them. You can contact us if you wish to transfer from the airport to a locality on the island.