¡Discover how to do sustainable tourism in Lanzarote!

Descubre como hacer turismo sostenible en Lanzarote

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Discover how to do sustainable tourism in Lanzarote. As experts in First Minute Transfers we will give you several tips that can help you take care of the environment. Learn how to be a little more aware by being in this heavenly place.

Keys to sustainable tourism in Lanzarote

Sustainable tourism is a way to get to know new places, but worrying about the conservation of the environment. In this type of practice we try to produce the least amount of waste and keep the landscapes in their natural state.

Lanzarote has protected areas or named as heritage. The island has long sought to promote the culture of conservation to maintain the good state of its landscapes.

Although modifications and policies are always being made to make Lanzarote an island with sustainable tourism, there are key points that have allowed it to continue with it. Where it stands out:

  • The declaration of Lanzarote as a Biosphere Reserve. Established by UNESCO in 1993. This has helped conservation policies and culture.
  • The appointment of Lanzarote as the first tourist destination with Biosphere Certification Responsible Tourism. They obtained it thanks to the work of the Lanzarote people promoting and helping with the conservation of their landscapes.
  • The protected spaces. Lanzarote has 13 places marked as cultural heritage by different legal instruments. This allows tourism activity to be promoted while respecting the environment.
  • Sustainable accommodation, the island has several sites that have an environmental commitment. Even some of them were built based on non-polluting materials or with a green seal.

Benefits of sustainable tourism in Lanzarote

Sustainable tourism has many advantages for the island of Lanzarote:

  • Less environmental impact. In Lanzarote this allows you to make various excursions to the Jameos del Agua, Timanfaya National Park, etc. and still keep these sites in good condition.
  • It notably favors responsible consumption and education about it to future generations. Well, this type of measures is echoed.
  • Increases sociocultural development between communities and promotes tolerance and understanding between different cultures. Since tourists consume local products.
  • It allows awareness of the importance of conservation and environmental care. Which results in an enriching experience for tourists.
  • Improves the quality of life of local people. Since the consumption of handmade products made by them is promoted. One of the most common cases is the street markets.
  • It contributes to the development of the economy of the island.

turismo sostenible en Lanzarote

Discover how to do sustainable tourism in Lanzarote

There are many ways in which sustainable tourism can be done in Lanzarote. Although the island already has its own policies for the conservation of its natural heritage, as a tourist you can do some things to contribute to this.

Some of our recommendations for sustainable tourism in Lanzarote are:

Use your mobile

Some people prefer to print guides or maps for sightseeing in Lanzarote. But with technological advances you can get all the information you need from your mobile.

You can use the Google Maps app. Activating the GPS of your mobile when using it, you will know where you are, how to get to another place, routes that you can take and even how long it will take from one place to another.

With this app you can search for reviews of the places you want to go. Avoid using printed guides is one of the best ways to do sustainable tourism in Lanzarote.

Search sustainable accommodations

As we said, the island has a Group of Sustainable Accommodations in Lanzarote. These are committed to manage under a conservation policy. So much that they have a strict compliance with the regulations and carry out activities with a green seal.

They also seek to be energy efficient, which contributes to the care of the environment. They also promote among their workers the conservation of their cultural and natural heritage.

Some of the places that belong to the sustainable accommodation of Lanzarote are the Hotel Grand Teguise Playa, the Hotel Costa Calera Talaso & Spa and the Club La Santa.

Take care of the heritage

One of the reasons why you should visit Lanzarote is because of its heritage diversity, both cultural and natural. The island has many tourist attractions that you may like.

If you want to do sustainable tourism on the island you must take care of each of the places you go to. Small actions such as avoiding littering on the street or in the sea; using non-polluting products when entering the beach can make a difference.

Acquire products and services from local people

Tourism is one of the best ways to contribute to the economy of Lanzarote. The best option to help is to buy and consume local products. This is not only beneficial for Lanzarote, but will allow you to learn a little more about the culture of the island.

One of the best options to buy handmade products in Lanzarote is to go to the markets. Depending on the area you are staying in, you can find them. You should take into account that some of them only work on weekends, while others do so at certain times.

On the other hand if you want to know the island it is better to hire tour guides or local companies.

Follow the rules of conservationism

Lanzarote is characterized by having clear policies regarding the care of its protected areas. Its purpose is to keep these sites in good condition.

If you want to do sustainable tourism, it is best to adhere to the established rules for care and transit in each of the places you arrive. Respect the rules of parks and beaches.

Be aware of your behavior and worry about not harming anything about the nature of Lanzarote.

Knowing how to do sustainable tourism in Lanzarote is very important today. Ideally, if you arrive at a place you leave it as you found it or even better. If you are thinking of taking vacations on the island, do not hesitate to contact us.

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