Tips for surfing in Lanzarote Island

Consejos para hacer surf en Lanzarote

Water sports are an excellent way to stay active, but if you are starting you must take into account some aspects. The island of volcanoes is one of the favorite destinations in Spain for surfers; As experts in Lanzarote airport transfers and Excursions we will give you several tips for surfing in Lanzarote. Learn what is necessary on the subject.

Water sports you can practice in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a perfect place for vacation and enjoying different activities. One of the biggest attractions of the island is its diversity of beaches and coves ideal for water sports such as:

  • Kayaking: this is one of the most popular activities in Lanzarote. It can be practiced in various modalities.
  • Diving: the seabed of Lanzarote is very attractive, the flora and fauna of the place captivate the divers. In addition, the island now has a marine museum made of environmentally friendly pieces. You also have the option of going to La China beach to practice the sport under the moonlight.
  • Windsurf: this sport is a bit more extreme; However, the island has spaces for newbies like Las Cucharas. The area is ideal because its swell is not strong and allows you to learn the basics of discipline.
  • Surfing: the island has a good climate that makes good waves all year long. One of the most famous places among professionals is El Quemao. But there are also beaches like Famara for the less experienced.

Without a doubt there are many sports that can be practiced in Lanzarote and more if they are aquatic. Well, the island has spaces for both right-handed people in different activities and for those who don’t. duda hay mu

Beaches where you can surf in Lanzarote

On the island there are many beaches where you can surf. However, you have to be sure what the swell is like and if you can handle it. Some of the places where you can practice the sport are:

  • Famara: this beach is ideal if you don’t have much surfing knowledge. Its waves are calm and its bottom is sandy. So if you fall you will not hurt yourself. Keep in mind that other people also go to the beach to learn the sport, so keep your distance.
  • Órzola: it is a beautiful beach that not many people go to. Its waves are intermediate but sometimes the tide is low and softer. It is close to La Graciosa, which is also an ideal place for surfing.
  • Arrieta: the waves of this beach are small, perfect if you are learning surf. The bottom is sandy which dampens blows in cases of falls.
  • La Santa: on this beach you get one of the most famous waves in all of Lanzarote. The danger of it and how big it becomes requires that whoever surfs in it have good form and be an expert in the sport.

Tips for surfing in Lanzarote

When surfing in Lanzarote you have to take forecasts. More if you are still learning, as you could hurt yourself or others. Our tips are:

Know the surfboard

There are different types of surfboards. When choosing one, the level and size of the waves are usually taken into account, since while you are larger, a longer board is required.

If you are just learning to surf, the evolutionary chart or the retro fish are ideal. These are more stable and allow you to turn when you have not yet mastered the balance over the sea.

But if you have knowledge, you may like shortboards because they are lighter. It is ideal for the waves that are on the beach of La Graciosa.

Wear appropriate clothing

One of the most common tips in surfing is to wear wetsuits. Since these are specially made to control body temperature during winter or when it is cold.

The special suits are of different thicknesses and lengths. You can also wear swimsuits or bikinis. However, the swell could mean a wear of the common fabrics so it is recommended to buy them from neoprene lycra.

Learn to row

To start surfing you must practice your paddling. Remember that you are going to have to move towards the waves. A good practice is sprints, you can turn on yourself and try to sit on your board.

This allows you to manage and know the table better. That way it will be easier to control when you’re on the wave. However, you should not hurry, the idea is that you learn step by step.

take off

Practice your balance

Before going to the water you have to practice balance and know how to get up from the surfboard. The idea is to try it on the sand or in a flat space. Once you have mastered the basic positions it will be easier to do it on the wave.

The lift or take off consists of standing on the table. For this you must not only manage the balance but know when is the perfect time to do it. Since if you do it before you will fall and if you do it later you lose the wave.

Respeta las normas de seguridad

Safety is one of the most important tips in surfing in Lanzarote, these prevent you from getting hurt. One of the most important points is not to go to a beach that has waves that you cannot handle.

You also have to be alert in case of falls, the most important thing is to protect the head. Like you should avoid being near other surfers on the same wave, as they could collide and hurt each other.

normas de seguridad de surf

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Look at the weather forecast

The weather forecast has a high impact on the waves. Even for experts it is not a good idea to go surfing when there is bad weather. Ideally, check and be aware of it so you don’t have problems.

These are our tips for surfing in Lanzarote. Remember that security is essential in these issues. If you are thinking of going to the island you can contact us.