Tips for surfing in Lanzarote Island

Water sports are an excellent way to stay active, but if you are starting you must take into account some aspects. The island of volcanoes is one of the favorite destinations in Spain for surfers; As experts in Lanzarote airport transfers and Excursions we will give you several tips for surfing in Lanzarote. Learn what is necessary on the subject.

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Reasons to visit Lanzarote Island

Lanzarote tourism is known for its famous beaches and volcanoes, but it is a mistake to simplify all its charms. This is a part of the earth where time seems to have stopped. When visiting it you will discover a real contrast between its landscapes marked by volcanic orography and combined with the white of the city. That is why from First Minute Travel we give you some reasons to visit Lanzarote and have it in the list of your possible destinations.
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