Reasons to visit Lanzarote Island

Razones para visitar Lanzarote

Lanzarote tourism is known for its famous beaches and volcanoes, but it is a mistake to simplify all its charms. This is a part of the earth where time seems to have stopped. When visiting it you will discover a real contrast between its landscapes marked by volcanic orography and combined with the white of the city. That is why from First Minute Travel we give you some reasons to visit Lanzarote and have it in the list of your possible destinations.

A little about Lanzarote

When speaking of Lanzarote we refer to a spectacle of nature. Started by his story that gives a lot to talk about. And, above all, for its complex natural landscapes. For this reason he obtained the title attributed by UNESCO of “Natural Reserve of the Biosphere” since 1993. And not to mention its amazing climate. That in times of the year where Europe suffers waves of cold, here is enjoyed an eternal spring because of its status as a subtropical island.

In addition, this place belonging to the Canary Islands, has only about 150,000 inhabitants. It is recognized for being a volcanic island. But also for its special charm in each landscape. Like the island of the mountains of fire, of Martian landscapes, where the solidified lava melts in the sea.

Lanzarote is an ideal island to vacation beyond the beaches and the sun. It is a place open to family tourism, romantic and even adventurous. It is the perfect place to connect with the nature steps hand in hand with the adventures that the excursions in Lanzarote give you. viajar a Lanzarote

Reasons to visit Lanzarote

The magic begins from the arrival to the island, when for the first time you are surprised to see the white houses and the reddish mountains. Surrounded by the characteristic and intense blue color of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are many places and information that can be found about tourism in this destination. But to visit Lanzarote is to follow the legacy of César Manrique, since the island without him would not be the same. For that reason, it is one of the most important emblems of the island.

1.- Perfect combination between art and nature

The centers of art, culture and tourism are the essence of the island. Many of these works are by local artist César Manrique. This was an architect and prophet in his land, who had the vision of creating unique and simple spaces combined with nature.

He built his own house in songs surrounded by lava fields. Today they form the network of Art, Culture and Tourism Centers of Lanzarote, a foundation dedicated to their life and work. Constituted by a first floor, where contemporary works of Millares, Picasso, Saura and others are exhibited. Its steps made in basalt take you to a pool of turquoise waters and five bubbles of lava together.

Around all of Lanzarote you will find the works of Manrique. Even in the most emblematic tourist sites.

On the island you will also find a unique experience as is the first underwater museum in Europe. Where you can dive among the sculptures that are exposed to several meters deep.

2.- Sun and heat every day of the year

Lanzarote, like the rest of the Canary Islands, has an extraordinary climate. For this reason it is known as ” The Islands of the eternal spring ”. Its main characteristic is the softness of the temperatures. In fact it has an annual average of 22 ° C that is due both to the geographical situation and to the influence of the sea.

In addition, its climate is dry and the rains are very scarce. They are usually occasional, usually between December and February. Also, thanks to its remarkable mountains, the weather does not become cloudy. Therefore, there are very few times that a natural cloud barrier is formed. Do not hesitate to feel the warmth of the sun and the warm wind on your face.

3.- Gastronomy of first

If you support the combination of wines and cheeses, you will not mind traveling to Lanzarote. Although their most popular dish is crushed potatoes and mojos, a glass of wine and slices of cheese will not be missing from the table. They are also lovers of olive oil in all their dishes. And, thanks to the riches of the sea, they enjoy a wide variety of recipes based on fresh fish and squid.Gastronomia-Lanzarote

4.- Landscapes that seem from another planet

Lanzarote has some spectacular and supernatural volcanic landscapes. As it is the Timanfaya National Park that has a lunar aspect. Which was used as a training base for the NASA Apollo 17 crew.

Geothermal exhibitions are also held in this wonderful park. And there is the only restaurant in the world where it is cooked with the warmth of the bowels of the earth. Without a doubt it is one of the most impressive landscapes on the island.

5.- Its original beaches

This island has numerous beaches for all tastes: from white sands, volcanic beaches, crystal clear waters, to imposing waves. If you like adventure and extreme sport, you have Famara beach on the north coast of the island. Where you can learn to surf. As well as the other end of the island is Papagayo, which is one of the most beautiful beaches. In which you can do more quiet activities such as diving.

6.- Ideal to explore

Thanks to its pleasant temperatures and the great diversity of landscapes it lends itself to cycling and hiking. This makes the island an irresistible destination for sports travelers.

If you are a fan of running you can take a few hours in the morning to enjoy a race at the edge of the ocean. The island also counts as a paradise for cyclists, they can come prepared for the wind and make sure to face up on some of the routes. They are excellent options to enjoy the sunrise and the fresh sea breeze.

The island hosts a number of places and diversity of unique options to enjoy it all year. These are just some reasons to visit Lanzarote that undoubtedly make it a perfect destination to travel. You can contact us if you need to organize your trip.