Discover the Atlantic Museum of Lanzarote Island

museo atlantico lanzarote

Lanzarote is an island visited by tourists thanks to its incredible natural beauty and the magic of its city. There is a lot to see, today at FirstMinute Travel in Lanzarote airport we invite you to visit the Atlantic Museum of Lanzarote. An attraction that opened last year and that has attracted the attention of many fans of art and diving. Keep reading and do not miss the opportunity to see an underwater museum.

Parks of underwater sculptures: where art and nature meet

This type of attractions consists of placing and installing strategically in the sea bottom sculptures. That over time nature will become majestic coral reefs.

One of the forerunners of this way of showing art is Jason deCaires Taylor. A sculptor who is passionate about conservation and underwater photography.

This great artist seeks to represent through his projects and works, how “the intervention and interaction of human life with nature can be positive and sustainable”.

Some of its most ambitious and recognized projects worldwide are:

  • The MUSA, which is the largest submarine museum in the world. It is located in Mexican waters
  • The Ocean Atlas. It is a large sculpture 5 meters high that is located in the Bahamas
  • The Atlantic Museum of Lanzarote in Spain, of which we will speak today.

The creation of artificial coral reefs diverts the attention of curious tourists from the natural ones. Giving them the opportunity to regenerate and to conserve the marine ecosystem.

museo lanzarote bajo el agua

Discover the Atlantic Museum of Lanzarote

There are multiple reasons to visit Lanzarote. Among them its famous crystalline beaches of white sand, the volcanoes, the architecture of the city and its rich culture. But there is also a magical place full of art that lies in the depths of these beautiful waters. We refer to the Atlantic Museum of Lanzarote.

This is the first submarine museum in Europe. And although it was not a simple task, Taylor in conjunction with the marine organisms managed to create extraordinary scenes underwater.

Characteristics of the exhibition

  • The works are submerged approximately 15 meters on the seabed of Las Coladas Bay. So it is only accessible for those who practice snorkeling and diving.
  • The museum shows 300 human pieces. These represent scenes of daily life, but transported to an underwater environment. What gives it the appearance of a world lost in time.
  • These types of exhibitions do not negatively affect marine life. On the contrary, it promotes the preservation of it.
  • They are figures made with neutral pH materials.
  • They are also friendly to the environment.
  • They are specially designed to promote the reproduction of species of fish and living organisms typical of the region. It is only a matter of time before the seabed transforms these sculptures into one of the most impressive artificial coral reefs in the world.

The artist describes the project as “a portal to another world”. A world where nature and human life coexist in balance.

Museums like this are a call to the community to be more aware of how pollution and climate change are affecting the oceans.

The influx of tourists is increasing. This thanks to these enigmatic sculptures underwater in Lanzarote. They are an element that adds distinction to the island and improve the quality of diving.

Most popular display figures

The sculptures of the submarine museum of Lanzarote pretend to show different themes. Among them the divisions within society and the contrast between the past and the present.

Among some of the most outstanding and interesting figures of the exhibition are:

  • Content: It is a sculpture that shows a couple taking an underwater selfie.
  • The rubicon: This work is composed of 35 figures that walk quietly among the underwater currents.
  • There is also a sculpture where you can see a couple walking around hugging each other.

These are just some of those that represent common human activities today.

  • The Vortex and the Raft of Lampedusa: these refer to the influx of refugees to Lanzarote. The Raft is formed by several human figures. They travel in an inflatable boat fleeing their country to the island.

Although in the exhibition “is a tribute to refugees who achieve their goal successfully is also for those who left their dreams under the sea,” said Taylor.

How to plan an excursion to the Underwater Museum

If you are about to visit the island and want to stay in Playa Blanca or its adjacencies and you do not have how to move from the airport we offer you our transport service. From there you can consult about the tours to the Atlantic Museum.

If you want to enjoy this experience and you are in Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise and Fuerteventura you can check with Dive College Lanzarote is one of the centers responsible for excursions to the Atlantic Museum. This is located in Playa Blanca, but they have a transport service.

They have guides and trained personnel. They know the area very well and dive in it daily, also have the special title of ECO dive guides of the Atlantic Museum.

Being an underwater activity you must have some prior preparation. It is important that you know the safety terms, the correct use of the diving equipment and other details.

The guides will tell you about the history of the museum’s figures. They will show you even the smallest detail in the tour, so they will make your visit a more interesting experience.

The Atlantic Museum has promoted the sustainable tourism of the island, and has become a very important reference of diving and in the protection of marine life in Europe.

If you are a lover of the sea, of art and you like new experiences. You can not miss the Atlantic Museum of Lanzarote, it is a unique journey that transports you to an underwater world. You can also contact us to get more information about the activities you can do in Lanzarote. You have no excuse.