Driving tips for Lanzarote Island

Consejos para conducir por Lanzarote

Walking in your own car or rental is an advantage for sightseeing because you have a lot of freedom to move. In First Minute Transfer we will give you some tips to drive around Lanzarote. Keep them in mind if you decide to drive around the island during your next vacation.

How to move around Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is a beautiful island where you have to travel every corner to enjoy its particular landscapes. If you want to go out and explore and know the most interesting sites, you have different ways of doing it. It will depend on the budget and the type of trip you have in mind, the option that is best for you.

In this post we explain how to get around Lanzarote and the basic tips you should know if you decide to drive around the island.

To enjoy all the attractions that the island has, you can take the public transport of Lanzarote. The problem is that it is slow and it will take a long time to reach your destination. For some this is not convenient, especially if they are on a short trip. Other visitors, on the other hand, do not mind taking a bus that stops at all points, because they have the opportunity to learn more.

If you decide to take this option you should know that most of the lines depart from Arrecife. There they also make the line changes. Sometimes the buses are delayed, but they will take you to all the urban points of the island.

Another alternative is by taxi, which you can book before you arrive to be waiting for you at the airport. They have the advantage that they can take you anywhere on the island and you will just relax on the way enjoying the scenery.

There are also options for those who prefer to spend more time in the lodging. In this case, if you want to know the most popular attractions you can book excursions in Lanzarote. They are programmed tours that will take you to specific points.

conducir motos en Lanzarote

Car ride on the island

For those who prefer to walk more freely, they have the option of driving their own car – if they travel by ferry – or rent one. This option will allow them to reach all corners of the island in their own air. You can go to those points where you can not do it on public transport.

Driving on the island is not complicated, although there are some places with a lot of traffic. You must be very careful, as in any other place, to avoid accidents on the road.

Driving tips for Lanzarote

Walking by car in Lanzarote will allow you to take better advantage of the time and reach places that you can not by public transport. You will have more freedom to move around the island and know it thoroughly.

But if you decide to travel to Lanzarote by car, you must take into account the basic information. First of all you have to know that the rules are the same that are followed in the rest of Spain. Driving on the right, overtaking is done on the left. In the roundabouts also gives way to cars that come from the left.

On the island, the ratio of cars per person is higher than the state average. According to regional statistics there are more than 125 thousand cars. While the number of residents is around 147 thousand. This means that there are some critical points in urban centers, but in general it is comfortable to drive.

Then we leave you the recommendations so that your trip to the steering wheel is the best.

Familiarize yourself with the roads

Familiarize yourself with the roads of Lanzarote before leaving by car. On the Internet, it is easy to find maps with the routes that will help you plan your routes. Locate the points of greatest interest to those you want to visit and calculate the distances. It will be easier if you arrive on the island with an idea of where to go and how to get there.

Nowadays technology makes it much easier. With just a GPS you can easily locate yourself on the island and find the best way to get from one point to another. For example, where you should go if you want to visit Arrecife and from there go to Órzola.

Even if you have a GPS you should know some basic information. The regional routes of greater interest are LZ-1, which goes from Órzola to the capital Arrecife; The LZ-2 that connects Arrecife with Playa Blanca. And the LZ-3, also called the Circunvalación de Arrecife.

The tracks are in good condition, but you always have to take precautions. Especially on roads that have double track with only one channel in each direction.

Respect speed limits

It is a basic rule that you must respect wherever you go. Stay within the established speed limits to avoid accidents. You have to be careful when driving.
The maximum speeds established are:

  • 100 kilometers per hour (km / h) on highways.
  • 110 km / h to overtake other cars.
  • 40 km / h in residential and urban areas.

In addition, you must be very attentive and comply with all the rules. In the mountain areas you have to be very careful because the roads are usually very narrow. Avoid making maneuvers that put your life or that of other users.

Always carry your driving license and, if you drive motorcycles and other mopeds, you must have your helmet at all times.

Follow the rules

carreteras en lanzaroteIt’s not just driving speed, but you have to respect all the rules. It is possible to see other drivers who do not comply, but failure to do so can result in a fine.

Station only in the places established for such action. Around the island, especially in the most touristic places there are many free zones and squares that you must pay for. No stations in front of zebra crossings or garbage cans. And pay attention to the indicators of the roads.

Locate nearby gas stations

The island is small and with a tank of gasoline you can walk comfortably for a good time, since it lasts about 500 kilometers. However, you should not trust, because there are places where you will not find gas stations or those that close at night.

Before leaving, locate the nearest gas station and fill the tank if necessary, according to the route you take.

Write down these tips to drive around Lanzarote and avoid complications during your holidays. If you prefer to use a taxi service, contact us.

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