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You will be traveling to Lanzarote and want to know the best of the island? Today, in First Minute Transfer we will tell you which are the best natural pools in Lanzarote. Use our transfer and enjoy the wonders that this destination offers you.

Natural wonders of Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a truly incredible island. The natural wonders that make it one of the favorite destinations for those who want to visit the Canary Islands.

Its volcanic landscapes and endemic flora and fauna, remain in the memories of those who make tourism in the place. Some of the natural places that you should know and enjoy during your visit to┬ Lanzarote, are:


These volcanic formations on the seashore are named after the sound of water entering and leaving them, which resembles the sound of water boiling.

These are a kind of marine caves that were created by eruptions of volcanoes many years ago. Its shape makes the water enter them and expelled to the surface in the form of a fountain.


Lanzarote is also known as the “Island of the Volcanoes” has a surface that resembles that of other planets. The large number of formations that are the product of volcanic eruptions, make this an unparalleled destination.

Walking among the lava tunnels and walking among the volcanoes and other structures is one of the most fun activities. The best of all, is discovering how impressive nature can be.

Therefore, those who visit the island and go to Natural Park of the Volcanoes, are amazed by the perfect formations created by lava over 200 years ago.

Volcanes en Lanzarote

Charco de los clicos

Also known as “Green Lake“, it is another natural wonder of Lanzarote. The Charco de los Clicos has a bright green color thanks to the marine algae found in the background. In addition, it is surrounded by a black beach that gives it a Martian aspect that makes it much more imposing.

Natural pools

Enjoying the riches of the sea in waters as calm as those of a swimming pool is a unique experience. The best natural pools in Lanzarote are among the most beautiful in the Canary Islands.

These are the favorite natural wonders to the delight of the whole family. In addition, they are characteristic of the island with its many other landscapes and exclusive gifts of nature for Lanzarote


mejores piscinas naturales de Lanzarote

The best natural pools in Lanzarote

The Atlantic Ocean has supplied Lanzarote with spectacular crystalline waters that, together with volcanic lava formations, create wonderful places. Such is the case of natural pools, which are really beautiful and perfect to share among friends, family or to enjoy in solitude.

Punta Mujeres

This fishing village of Lanzarote has emblematic natural pools along its more than two kilometers of surface. Its dark sands of volcanic origin and mild temperatures have made Punta Mujeres a reference in terms of natural pools.

In addition, on excursions Lanzarote you can take a tour of the town of Punta Mujeres that allows you to observe the popular white houses that have been built on it. As well as you can also observe the different volcanic formations, water inlets, capes, etc. In this way, you can choose your favorite option to take a bath.

This place remain very natural, has not been greatly intervened by the hand of man. The only constructions in the place are the bathrooms, the stairs and spaces for sunbathing.

The combination of sea, lava and sun make Punta Mujeres a special place to have fun with the family. That also has places created for the fun of children in the same town.

Los Charcones

The natural pools of Los Charcones are far from the most populated areas of Punta Mujeres. So they are a perfect option for a relaxing bath. This secret corner of the island is one of the least known.

The volcanic formations that fill with oceanic water create some of the best natural pools in Lanzarote, all with different depths. Some so deep, that allow to jump from stones that surround them. What makes baths so much more fun.

On the southwest coast of the island, in summer, the days are quite long. Therefore, you can enjoy a lot of time submerged in its waters. However, it is advisable to leave before nightfall. This, due to the danger that the rocks that are around the puddles can suppose. So, we recommend you enjoy your winds and pleasant weather with great caution.

Piscina natural Los Charcones

Cueva del Agua (Cave of Water)

Its approximately ten meters in diameter make it one of the largest natural pools on the island. It is located in the town of Guatiza. The best thing about this destination is that you can get there very close by car. However, the path is rocky and a bit slippery, so you should be careful.

The surface of this is rocky and has very little vegetation, but in it there live sea urchins that make it a requirement to use special footwear to bathe.

In short, it is an option to enjoy as a family, although for the care and precautions that should be taken, it is good not to take very young children.

Charcos del Palo

This nudist town has three natural swimming pools with a quite calm atmosphere, bathers are mostly foreign tourists.

One of these has spaces to play volleyball and beach petanque. In addition, in all there are large rocks that allow you to sunbathe and enjoy the crystal clear waters and pleasant climate.

It is advisable to enjoy the clear sand, pebbles and dark volcanic stones within these areas. Well, the coastal sea has strong currents that can be dangerous.

These are the best natural pools in Lanzarote. Remember that your tranquility and comfort are worth a lot when making a trip. Therefore, contact us for the best service in transfers and excursions in Lanzarote.

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