Lanzarote as a couple – What to do?

Que hacer en Lanzarote en pareja

Do you have a romantic getaway but do not know what to do in Lanzarote as a couple? In this opportunity we will give you several ideas for you to enjoy together with that special person. Book your transfer in Lanzarote airport from now so you do not miss any of these activities.

Lanzarote: a romantic destination

The island of Lanzarote is undoubtedly one of the most romantic destinations you will visit. It has all kinds of activities to enjoy with your partner during a weekend or longer.

Its volcanic landscape opens the way to paradisiacal beaches. Its villages of traditional architecture, with houses and white walls will invite you to visit each of its streets. Sports will also be part of your couple getaway in Lanzarote if you wish.

Some essential stops you must make during your visit are the following:

  • Timanfaya National Park.
  • Jameos del Agua.
  • Mirador del Río.
  • Cactus Garden.
  • Playa Papagayo.

These are just some of the sites you must visit with your special person. But there is much more you can do, so we recommend you start planning from that trip.

What to do in Lanzarote as a couple

The most romantic day of the year is near and you have already started planning your Valentine’s Day in Lanzarote. Start organizing everything so you do not miss any details. With these plans that we advise you in First Minute Transfer, insurance will be an unforgettable date.

It does not matter what kind of couple they are. There are activities for the most romantic, for lovers of gastronomy, for adventurers and more.

1. Visit La Graciosa Island

The first stop we recommend is visiting La Graciosa with your partner. This is a must-see destination and you can spend a whole day there enjoying this small but charming island.

La Graciosa has very few inhabitants and has some of the best virgin beaches you will see on your trip. You have to arrive by ferry from Lanzarote or embark on an excursion like the one offered by First Minute Transfer.

Another option is to take a catamaran and get to know the island in a different way.

While you are there, you can visit its beaches. Las Conchas is one of the most popular, but there are also La Francesa and Montaña Amarilla.

To move around La Graciosa you can rent a rustic car, which are the only ones authorized to travel around the island. You can also do it by bicycle or, if you feel like it, by walking.

2. Romance in La Geria

If you and your partner like wines and gastronomy, you can not miss a stroll through La Geria. That’s where you can find the main wineries of Lanzarote.

During your tour you will have the opportunity to learn about the particular way of cultivating Lanzarote grapes. And, of course, enter the cellars to taste their wine.

Also you will find very good places to taste the gastronomy of the island.

3. Plan a day full of adventures

Lanzarote is for everyone and if you like adventure you will find many options on the island. And if you’re not used to it, but you want to get out of the comfort zone, it’s the right place to do it.

Practicing water sports is one of the best couple plans in Lanzarote. You can do scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, rent jet skis and much more. And also spend some time alone with your partner in the air doing parascending. Or if you want something quieter you can go to a meeting with cetaceans.

Dare to do any of these activities and you will see that it will do your relationship a lot of good. At the end of the trip they will be more united than ever.

But the adventures are not only in the water, there are also on the mainland. You can make routes in tryke or tour Lanzarote by mountain bike.

4. Travel the coast of Lanzarote

playas en lanzarote para parejas
Of course, among the main attractions of the island are its beaches. Plan a tour of the entire coast to visit the best beaches and coves in the area. Each of these has a particular charm. You will find them with volcanic landscapes and others with fine white sand. So in this there is also for different tastes.

From the beaches of Lanzarote will take some of the best memories and photographs. So you can not lose them. Among those we recommend you visit are Papagayos, Los Caletones and Caleta Famara.

In addition to the beaches, in Lanzarote you will also find natural pools to enjoy the sea water in a quieter plan. Among the most popular are the Cueva del Agua, which is located in Guatiza; Los Charcones, located at a prudent distance from the populated areas of Punta Mujeres.

In fact, in the area of Punta Mujeres you will find several natural pools where you can spend a quiet and relaxing day.

5. A museum under water

If your partner likes art and adventure, surprise him with a visit to the Atlantic Museum. It is an exhibition that is 12 meters deep and to get there you have to dive.

The museum is located in the bay of Las Coloradas, south of Lanzarote. The works are by Jason deCaires Tyalor and are distributed in 2,500 square meters.

And since we are talking about art, when you return to the mainland, do not forget to visit the Casa Museo de César Manrique. One of the most emblematic places on the island.

6. Dinner at the Jameos del Agua

To end your trip you can plan a dinner at the Jameos del Agua. This cave offers the ideal environment for those romantic outings in Lanzarote that you are looking for.

Inside the grotto there is a restaurant where you will enjoy a very romantic evening. They will be surrounded by the formations left by the eruptions of the La Corona volcano. And that later they were taken advantage of by Manrique to redesign the place.

Now you know what to do in Lanzarote as a couple. Do not hesitate to give her that romantic trip for Valentine’s Day or at any time of the year. If you are already planning and want to know more about the excursions on the island, contact us.